Lee Harper is a character from the Cartoon Network animated series Codename: Kids Next Door. He is operative Numbuh 84 of the Kids Next Door and a member of Sector W, first seen as a cadet in training before later graduating to the rank of a full-fledged operative. His main traits are his use of a yo-yo as a weapon as well as his habit of saying "Cool".

In Fiction Wrestling, Lee is currently signed to Wrestling Next Door (WND). He, along with his sector, are members of the Rookie Revolution.


Wrestling careerEdit

Wrestling Next DoorEdit


Personal LifeEdit

Lee is dating fellow WND wrestler and Sector W teammate, Sonya McCallis. He is also the surrogate little brother of older Rookie Revolution member Starforce Megaman of UCA.

In WrestlingEdit

Lee is a high flyer with a mix of technical abilities. He also likes to name his favourite moves after yo-yo tricks.


  • Braintwister (Twisting brainbuster)
  • Waterfall (Corkscrew moonsault)


  • Around the World (Standing shiranui)
  • Walk the Dog (Running bulldog)



  • "Numbuh 84"

Entrance ThemesEdit

  • "Give Me a Sign" by Breaking Benjamin
  • "Satellite" by Rise Against (with Sector W)


  • Lee's last name was taken from another fanfiction writer by the pen name of Gamewizard2008. Lee does not have a last name in the show's original Canon.

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