Lemon Brook Federation
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Federation Name Lemon Brook Federation
Abbreviation LBF
Weekly shows Battlefield, Revolution
Major PPV Starrcade (October)
Time open September 2011- Present
Owner Mr. Mafia
Commentators Oliver Biscuit, Charles Xavier, Duke Nukem, & Mephistopheles
Bookers Mr. Mafia, Darkseid, Sadako Yamamura, & Mephistopheles
Pay-per-views Monthly
Base Richmond, Virginia

The Lemon Brook Federation is a wrestling promotion that deals primarily with comic book, anime, and video game characters.The Story behind the company's founding is very interesting as it was a concept drawn up by a mysterious man named “Mr. Mafia” who approached many groups for funding, each time hearing NO.... Finally, at wits end...Mr. Mafia prayed to any entity for assistance. Mephistopheles, the Devil himself, heard Mafia’s prayers and dragged him to Hell to make a deal.... Darkseid and Sadako Yamamura were dragged into the planning committee as more and more authority was needed. The promotion has not "offically" opened yet.

Weekly ProgramsEdit

The Lemon Brook Federation has two television shows, Battlefield and Revolution. Battlefield primarily focuses on storylines and the main roster, while the Revolution deals with the "Undercard" and developing a stronger main roster. Battlefield is the shorter of the two programs, running for only two hours.

The Roster, Champions, & MoreEdit

The roster of the Lemon Brook Federation is large, consisting of 69 active wrestlers and 16 notable non-wrestling staff members. The company has six active championships, with the Universal Championship being the company's main title. Plans were made for a Trios Championship to be added to the bunch, however the amount of time needed on a PPV Card was too much so the idea was scrapped.

Champions & Their TitlesEdit

Championship Current Champion Previous Champ Inaugural Champ
Universal Championship Vacated at Starrcade Itachi Uchiha Mr. Buu
Global Championship Billy Grey Kratos The Joker
National Championship Blue Beetle II [Ted Kord] The Incredible Hulk Red Hulk
Hardcore Championship Kid Buu Claude Judge Death
Television Championship Frieza Red Murdock Kick-Ass
Nebula Tag Team Championships The Virus Rebellion The Red Hood & Lance Vance The Army of TWO

Company EventsEdit

Month PPV Name
Every Month (DEFUNCT*) Prove Yourself
November In Your House
December Holiday Hell
January New Year's Revolution
February Clash of Champions
March Ides of War
April Insurrextion
May Civil War
June Mayhem
July Souled Out
August Collision Course
September Ultimate Jeopardy
October Starrcade
  • Defunct due to the addition of LBF's second TV Show

Positions of PowerEdit

Name Position in Company
Mr. Mafia Owner
Darkseid General Manager
Oliver Biscuit, Charles Xavier, & Duke Nukem Battlefield Announcers
Oliver Biscuit, Charles Xavier, & Mephistopheles Revolution Announcers
Barack Obama Company Interviewer


Name (Temp.) Theme Song
Johnny Klebitz How Do You Like Me Now
Kakashi Hatake
Frieza Regality
Akuma Domination
Alex Mercer Bed of Nails
Armor King II Evil Ways
Astaroth Slow Death
Billy Grey Dead Man's Hand
Black Adam
Blue Beetle II [Ted Kord] Welcome to the Jungle
Booster Gold [Michael Jon Carter]
Brucie Kibbutz My Time
Captain America Real American
Claude Wreck
Doomsday Blackhole
Eddy Gordo Smooth
Elliot Salem Protection
??? Live in Fear
Grimmjow Jeagerjaques Playing the Saint
Heishiro Mitsurugi
Hercules Hell Will Be Callin' Your Name
Hwoarang Burn In My Light
Jason Krueger World So Cold
John McClane Cell Block
Johnny Cage Break the Walls Down
Kenpachi Zaraki AC/DC or Metallica.....
Kick-Ass [Dave Lizewski] Just Close Your Eyes
Kid Buu The Beaten Path
King Bowser Koopa Some Bodies Gonna Get It
Kratos Voices
Lance Vance
Light Yagami Broken Dreams
Little Jacob One, Two, Three
Luigi Here to Show the World
Luis Fernando Lopez Man With A Plan
Mephiles The Dark Ain't No Make Believe
Might Guy Here and Now or Never
Mr. Buu
Naruto Uzumaki Get Ready to Fly
Niko Bellic Te Kill Ya
Orochimaru Trust Me...
Patrick McReary Longnecks & Rednecks
Perfect Cell Also Sprach Zarathustra
Playboy X I'm Comin'!
Pyramid Head Slow Chemical
??? I'm Back!
Red Murdock King of My World
Sasuke Uchiha One of A Kind
Shadow the Hedgehog
Shang Tsung Perfection
Snake Eyes No More Words
Son Goku
Spider-Man Flight of the Valktries
Storm Shadow
Superman My Time Is Now!
Superman-Prime The Masterpiece
Terry the Kid Say It To My Face
The Joker Ace of Spades
The Red Hood Lie, Cheat & Steal
Tommy Vercetti Bad Boy
Toushirou Hitsugaya
Twelve Black Fury
Tyson Rios Protection
Ultron Nation of Violence
Vega Narcissist / Suffer Unto Me
Venom Death Grip
Waluigi Wallstreet
Wario It's All About the Money
  • Due to disputes with television providers, the Women's Division in unavailible to be added at this time

Developmental Territory's RosterEdit

Name Under LBF Contract?
Anakin Solo Under contract; TDL Arena Champion
Ben Skywalker Under contract
Brian Battler Under contract
Canary Yellow Toad Under contract
Captain Marvel
Fidel Castro
Forest Law Under contract; TDL WH Champion
Future Gotenks Under contract
Ghost Under contract
Green Toad Under contract
Jago Under contract
King II Under contract
Kirby Under contract
Purple Toad Under contract
Red Toad Under contract
Son Goten Under contract
Tim Drake
Tobi Under contract
Trunks Brief Under contract

Non-Wrestling RosterEdit

Name Theme Song [if needed]
Barack Obama
Charles Francis Xavier

Cobra Commander

Darkseid White Train (Showdown) by Tito & Tarantula
Duke Nukem
Fernando Martinez
Kate McReary
M. Bison
Mercedes Cortez
Oliver Biscuit
Ray Machowski
Tessai Tsukabishi

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