Lord Vringath Dregg

Lord Vringath Dregg is a character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 CGI-cartoon series. He is a notorious crime lord, the ruler of the planet Sectoid-1, and is the self-proclaimed master of all insect life in the universe. He appears as a recurring antagonist on the Fiction Wrestling Twitter.



Dregg's first appearance in the Multiverse came in Fiction Wrestling Twitter Part 28 (Pg. 1,321), where he was purchasing a Gleeb Atomizer for 900,000,000 Zemulaks. When he rounded a corner, he was rammed by local vigilante Slade, on motorcycle. The act inadvertently destroyed Dregg's new possession, angering him.

Enraged, Dregg engaged the vigilante in combat, easily overpowering the young Avenger until he was forced to flee. The insectoid vowed to destroy all of humanity for their transgressions against insects everywhere, while demanding that he be repaid the money he'd spent on the Atomizer.


Despite appearing only once, Dregg is identified as an arrogant and ruthless enemy. He thinks lowly of other species and is easily provoked, punctuated by when he attacked Slade for simply bumping into him. He sees other species as inferior and demands respect from others. Despite this, Dregg has displayed feral tendencies, such as shrieking and attempting to messily devour his enemies.


Dregg is a formidable hand-to-hand fighter, being able to take on heroes like Slade with relative ease. He possesses detachable hands that can extend to extreme lengths, grabbing his opponents from afar. His wings allow flight and is an exceptional pilot of his ship, the Hornitron. In addition, Dregg is also in control of various swarms of Vreen, robotic bugs that act as his foot soldiers.

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