The Masters Of The Galaxy is a professional wrestling tag team currently signed to Russo Pro Wrestling, consisting of Simeon and Luigi. Their name is a reference to Luigi in the Super Mario Galaxy series of games and a nickname of Simeon's cousin Cesaro ("Master of the Universe").


Masters of the Galaxy.

Background Edit

  • Formation: January 1, 2015
  • Companies: (Currently) RPW
  • Series: Mario series (Luigi), Grand Theft Auto V (Simeon)
  • Members: Simeon, Luigi, Princess Daisy (manager)
  • Allies: Sacha Yetarian, Anak Horozian, Armenian Mafia
  • Rivals: The Lucha Dolphins, Franklin Clinton, Lamar Davis
  • Status: Active
  • Twitter: @GalaxyRepoRPW

History Edit

RPW Edit

In a Christmas Day promo, Simeon Yetarian, depressed as he was on Santa's Naughty List for the 40th year in a row, said he was "going green" for 2015. Simeon showed more signs of a face turn when his first act of 2015 was to give the bullied like Dan Hibiki a chance. So Dan, with his fellow Internet Champs Luigi and Zack (DOA) at ringside, faced Simeon Yetarian, who went alone. As Simeon went for an elaborate Code Of Honor with Hibiki before the match, Luigi suddenly turned on Zack (DOA), before Simeon capitalized with the Reposession for the quick win. Luigi then left with Simeon for a vintage heel turn.

The following week, Simeon announced that he had dropped his last name. Simeon and Luigi then held a memorial for the lost last name, along with commemorating "Langston" and "Antonio". Soon however, the two began to insult the Internet Champs, saying that the names actually had some value, unlike "Hibiki and Zack". The Internet Champs then attacked Simeon and Luigi in response, setting up a Caskets and Glass Panels Tag Team Match. In that match, Simeon took advantage of the No DQ rules to beat up the Internet Champs with his Armenian Mafia. Luigi then tapped out Zack with the Win From Nothing to end the feud. After the match, RPW confirmed that the Internet Champs would be out for a long time due to injury.

With that, the Masters moved on to The Lucha Dolphins. This started when SImeon, Luigi and their Armenian friends beat down Lucha Dolphins friends Kuma and Roger. An angry Genjiro challenged the Masters to a Tag Team Match. Sacha and Anak would interfere in this match, causing a DQ, before brutally beating the Dolphins. Despite not at 100%, the Dolphins challenged the Masters to a match where the Armenians could not interfere. Sacha though spread a false rumor that Princess Daisy was debuting, and the Masters defeated the distracted Dolphins. As a result of Simeon pinning Ecco with the Repossession, he earned a World Championship match. In that match, Ecco retained the title despite the manpower on Simeon's side, as Kuma and Roger returned. Both teams soon entered the first-ever RPW Tag Team Championship tournament, making it to the finals. At the finals, Princess Daisy finally made her debut, hitting the Daisy Cruiser on Lucha Dolphins manager Eiko Adachi. This distracted the Dolphins enough for the Masters to hit the Galaxy Repo on Genjiro for the titles.

In Wrestling Edit

Double Team Finishing Moves Edit

  • Galaxy Repo (Straight Jacket Powerbomb (Simeon)/ Poltergust 3k (Luigi) combination)

Finisher Moves Edit

Simeon Edit

  • Armenian Death/ Very European Uppercut (Pop-up European uppercut, sometimes as a counter to a diving opponent)
  • Repossession (Cradle belly-to-back inverted mat slam)

Luigi Edit

  • Code Green (Snapmare neckbreaker)
  • Green Lightning (Swinging Fisherman Suplex)
  • Luigi's Mansion (Cross-legged triangle choke, sometimes while kicking the opponent's head)
  • Poltergust 3k (Diving somersault neckbreaker)
  • Springboard elbow drop
  • Win From Nothing (Sharpshooter)

Managers Edit

  • Princess Daisy

Nicknames Edit

  • "Galaxy's Greatest Tag Team"

Entrance themes Edit

  • "Princes Of The Universe" by Queen

Championships and Accomplishments Edit

RPW Edit

  • RPW Tag Team Champions (1 time, first-ever)

Trivia Edit

  • The Masters of the Galaxy are similar to WWE tag team Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. This is because Simeon is Cesaro's cousin in wrestling, while Princess Daisy's role is similar to Natalya in the WWE team.

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