Maximilian Alanzo Ernesto "Max" Russo (born March 15, 1995) is a former wizard and the youngest of the Russo kids. Like his brother and sister, he is half Mexican from his mother, Theresa and half Italian-American from his dad, Jerry. In the series's finale, Alex became the Russo Family Wizard and Justin a full wizard due to becoming the Headmaster of Wiz Tech. As a prize for becoming mortal, Max obtains the Sub Station which he seems very happy about.

Max Russo

Max Russo

Using the ring name Max Russo, he appears with his siblings in Russo Pro Wrestling. In RPW, he is one third of the current Shield, Swerve, Shoot Three-Person On A Forklift Champions in his fourth reign with his siblings.


  • Series: Wizards Of Waverly Place
  • Species: Human
  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5'8'' [1]
  • Weight: 143 lbs [2]
  • Companies: (Currently) RPW
  • Debut: 2010
  • Status: Active
  • Billed from: New York City, New York
  • Allies: Alex Russo (sister), Justin Russo (brother), Mitchie Torres, Mickey Mouse
  • Rivals: Highschool of the Dead, The Internet Champs, The Newer Day (especially Christian Noir), Tons Of Punk
  • Twitter: @MaxRussoRPW

Wrestling careerEdit

Russo Pro WrestlingEdit


He is the most mischievous, determined to take his magic "to the Max." When he's not dodging homework and vegetables, Max plays practical jokes on his siblings.

It is very hard to tell at times if Max is eccentric, outside the box or just stupid. He takes almost everything said to him literally, often confuses the meaning of words (such as aunt and ant), doesn't seem to understand when he's being insulted even when told he is being insulted, and has been known to do some very idiotic things such as shrinking his own brain just so he can store more jelly beans in his skull. However he has been shown to be an average level student despite his intellectual shortcomings.

Personal LifeEdit

Max previously dated a few women, most notably Talia Robinson. However, it is unknown if they are still together or not. [3]

In WrestlingEdit

Max is a big fan of Lucha Libre. His favorite wrestlers are Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio.

Finishing MovesEdit

  • 212 (Tiger feint kick to the head of an opponent draped over the second rope)- adopted from Rey Mysterio; followed by
    • Diving splash, sometimes while springboarding
    • Droppin' Da Dime (Springboard leg drop)
    • Frog splash – adopted from Eddie Guerrero
    • Max Out (Springboard hurricanrana)
    • Maximan Elbow (Springboard elbow smash)
    • Springboard fist drop
    • Springboard seated senton
  • No Magic Needed (Arm trap crossface)- 2010-2012

Signature MovesEdit

  • Avada Kedavra/ Maximan Kick (Superkick to a kneeling or seated opponent)- 2013- present; adopted from Seth Rollins
  • Arm wrench inside cradle
  • Backhand chop- 2010-2012
  • Baseball slide, sometimes transitioned into a headscissors takedown
  • Bronco buster
  • Bulldog, often used as a counter
  • Diving hurricanrana, sometimes off the ring apron
  • Dropkick, sometimes while springboarding or from the top rope
  • Maximan Punch (Superman punch, with theatrics)- 2013- present; adopted from his brother
  • Serve Up (Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb)
  • Shining Wizard
  • Somersault seated senton to the outside of the ring, sometimes transitioned into a hurricanrana- 2010
  • Split-legged moonsault- 2010
  • Springboard moonsault
  • Talk To The Fist (Fist drop, with theatrics)- 2013- present; adopted from John Cena
  • Thesz press
  • Tilt-a-whirl
  • Wheelbarrow bodyscissors transitioned into either an arm drag or a bulldog



  • "Max"
  • "To The Max"
  • "The Little Rascal"

Entrance ThemesEdit

  • "Everything Is Not What It Seems" by Selena Gomez
  • "Welcome To The Family" by Avenged Sevenfold (While feuding with Highschool of the Dead in 2012)
  • "Decode" by Paramore
  • "Slow Down" by Selena Gomez
    Selena Gomez - Slow Down (Official)-003:31

    Selena Gomez - Slow Down (Official)-0

  • "Come & Get It" by Selena Gomez (Used as a member of Wizards Of Waverly Place)

Controversy Edit

Before 2012, Max used the Crippler Crossface as a finisher, due to his respect for the late Eddie Guerrero extending to his friends. Most smarks thought this was disrespectful and Max received loud X-Pac Heat. Regardless, Max continued to use the move and Christian Noir's endorsement only served to anger the fans even more. After Justin accidentally told Max the events of June 24, 2007, Max lost his respect for Chris Benoit and became fierce enemies with Noir. This resulted in the fans being even more upset at Max, as he didn't even know what happened to his favorite wrestlers. Therefore despite having the most entertaining moveset among his siblings, Max is universally hated by smarks.

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit


  • RPW Shield, Swerve, Shoot Three-Person On A Forklift Championship (4 times, current)


  • Max has wrestled as his alter-egos Maxine and Maximan to no better response from the fans. He soon dropped these gimmicks.

References Edit


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