Mephiles the Dark
Mephiles the Dark
I am the cause of nightmares
Vital statistics
Position Wrestler
Age has no age
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 5'11 feet (In Crystalline form)
Weight Unknown
Mephiles the Dark is a character from the 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog reboot and is one of the game's main antagonists, mostly Shadow the Hedgehog's storyline. He is said to be the mind, conscience and will of the sun god Solaris. He is most notorious for being the first and possibly only character in the Sonic series to actually succeed in killing Sonic the Hedgehog himself. This was however reversed at the end of the game's story and technically never happened but the event is still remembered amongst fans and Mephiles still holds the title of being Sonic's killer.

Mephiles is a cunning manipulator as he was able to trick Silver into thinking that Sonic was the Iblis trigger and killing him would stop Iblis but this ultimately do the opposite of what Silver was told. He craves destruction as he is portrayed as being very cruel, sadistic, and cold with no sense of compassion for anything or anyone but death and destruction.  


Series: Sonic the HedgehogEdit

  • Species: Demon
  • Height: 5'11
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Companies: (Currently) CEW, XCF
  • Debut: Unknown
  • Status: Active
  • Billed From: Parts Unknown
  • Allies: unknown
  • Rivals:sonic shadow silver Jet and all sonic's allies
  • Twitter: unknown

Wrestling Career:Edit

Mephiles is rumored to have signed with a currently undisclosed company but is said to be going into Undertaker-like gimmick.

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