The Tomboyish Mermaid

Misty is a character from the Pokémon franchise. She serves as the Cerulean City Gym Leader in Generations I and II and their remakes, specializing in Water-type Pokémon and giving the Cascade Badge to Trainers who defeat her. She has a bigger role in the anime, where she was one of Ash Ketchum's traveling partners in Kanto and Johto.

In the Fiction Wrestling Multiverse, Misty is a professional wrestler currently signed to WWE: Animated and Apex Caliber Wrestling on the Ignition brand and where she's the head of RAMPAGE's Women's Division. She is currently on hiatus.

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Misty is currently married to longtime friend Ash Ketchum. She is current on hiatus due to pregnancy.

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  • Hyrdo-Dump (Reverse Thrown Death Valley Driver)
  • Superkick – adopted by Ash Ketchum

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  • Diving Elbow Drop followed by a pin
  • Water Spout (Airplane Spin into a Reverse Samoan Drop)

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  • "Pokémon Theme" by Jason Paige (WWE)
  • "Alive" by Superchick (APEX; 2013 – present)

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