The NCW Combat Championship is a title defended in National Championship Wrestling. Although not the primary championship, the belt is considered to be one of the hardest belts to gain because of the matches involved. It has ironically featured the most title changes in NCW.


Names: Date Won: Date Lost: Days Held Event Notes:  
Sokka 12/29/12 1/20/13 22 days NWA-NCW First champion. Won the belt in a Three Way Dance match.
Amon 1/20/13 2/3/13 14 days No Way Out Defeated Sokka in a Tables match for the belt.
Aang 2/3/13 3/14/13 39 days WrestleWars Defeated Amon in a No DQ match.
Timmy Turner 3/14/13 3/16/13 2 days NCW Voltage Shortest Reign
Aang (2) 3/16/13 4/4/13 19 days Hardcore Havoc Second Reign
Tarrlock 4/4/13 5/2/13 29 days NCW Voltage Cashed in the Contract Equals Title briefcase on Aang.
Drew Cage 5/2/13 7/10/13 69 days NCW Voltage Defeated Tarrlock in a Ladder match.
Katniss Everdeen 7/10/13 11/23/13 136 days American Tribute

First Female Combat Champion. Longest female hardcore champion. Longest Combat Champion

Cody Hida 11/23/13 1/12/14 50 days NCW Prime Won the belt in Three Way Dance match.
Aang (3) 1/12/14  4/5/14  83 days NCW Prime: 1 Year Anniversary First three time champion in NCW.