NCW Electric is a television program produced by Northern Carnage Wrestling. A one hour television show that features exclusively the NCW Womans Division, which debut on January 16, 2016. The show is broadcasted on Thursday nights on Root Sports, as well as other local networks in the Mid-Atlantic region. It also is aired Sundays on a two hour NCW bloc in Canada in french and english languages.

History Edit

Formation: Edit

The concept of Electric had came from multiple responses from female wrestlers in NCW who felt they didn't gain the attention they deserve, or at least given any opportunity. The issue was forced on and off air by then NCW Womans Champion Joan Rivera, who while often was simply trying to gain spotlight for herself, did bring a strong point of almost all of the woman's division not being allowed to perform to due time constraints and lack of television/PPV time.

It was rumored beginning in September that a all female show for NCW was in the works, especially since the NCW Womans Division was being considered the second best in the FWM (second only to CCW's XX Division). Those rumors were confirmed when NCW announced a "pilot" for Electric called Barb Wire Beauty would take place as a live TV event at the Asbury Park Convention Hall. The show turned out to be a success, in fact so good of a success that not only did the building sale out and positive reactions followed, NCW was asked by the network that aired their other show, Prime, to air the new NCW show. Electric was given a time sot and date by the Two Year Anniversary Show of NCW. The Card for the inaugural episode was released in February.

However, this pilot episode was cancelled and the show, along with NCW, went into hiatus for the remainder of 2015

Debut: Edit

Electric premiered on January 16th, 2016, though the event had been taped the previous day at the NCW Arena in Johnstown, PA. It has quickly grown in popularity with it's debut show sold more tickets then Prime.

Production & Content Edit

Electric airs within a one hour time frame, with it being aired mostly in the Mid-Atlantic region; as well as on all sub channels of Root Sports throughout the United States. It is also aired in Canada on the Fight Network as part of a Sunday night NCW bloc which also features Prime. This bloc is presented in both english and french.

Each show will feature 3-5 matches, along with interviews and other segments edited in between in a low budget style to mimic the gritty enviorment NCW promotes.

Commentators Edit

Commentators: Dates:
Joey Styles, Coco Bandicoot & Spoony January 16th, 2016
Joey Styles & Spoony January 21st, 2016-present

On Screen Authority Figures Edit

NCW General Manager- Steven "Streak" Chamberlain (January 16th, 2016- present)

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