NCW Malice

The NCW Malice offical Poster featuring Takato Matsuki

NCW Malice
"This is Extreme" by Harry Slash and the Slashstones
"To face evil, you must be evil"
Promotion NCW
Date 6/15/14
Venue Mid-Hudson Civic Center
City Poughkeepsie, NY
Attendance 3,700
Pay-per-view chronology
NCW April Assault NCW Malice WrestleWars
NCW Malice chronology
-Inaugural- NCW Malice TBD

NCW Malice is an upcoming Pay-Per-View produced by National Championship Wrestling. It was preceeded by NCW April Assault and NCW Girls Night Out and it will be succeded by WrestleWars, NCW's showcase event.


The event was originally titled Spring Slam, the second in a series of PPVs but was quickly scraped to Malice, a name that fit the NCW tone more. The event also experienced multiple relocations. Originally it was to be held in the Hammerstein Ballroom before financial issues moved it back to the Peterson's Event Center in Pittsburgh, the same venue No Way Out 2014 was held. The event finally was booked for Poughkeepsie, NY at the Mid Hudson Civic Center, a arena that previously held ECW Hardcore Heaven 1999 and currently home to the House of Hardcore.

The main event revolves around a interpromotional bout between NCW's Danny Fenton/Phantom and AWE's Vlad Masters/Plasmius. Starting exactly a year earlier at NCW Spring Slam in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where Danny beat Vlad in a Sledgehammer Ladder match. Vlad disappeared from the wrestling scene until joining the Stable called the Resistance, a stable that was created as a result of AWE's CEO Squilliam reaction towards AWE's colossal flop at the FWAs, later due to the poor views. The stable quickly became hated by the fans, who labeled them a bunch of cowards, but the stable answered by massacrating the crowd's favorites and covering them with the flag of their company. To demonstrate they weren't a joke, Vlad "invaded" NCW during it's 2 hour special. He jumped both Danny and NCW's staff member Steven Prazayk. Danny ended up being tossed into a drug store window, not far from the NCW Arena. The following week on Prime in Dayton, Ohio, Vlad jumped both Brad Carbunkle and Crash Bandicoot, trying to cause total anarchy before Danny entered the ring and fought with Vlad in the middle of the crowd.





# Match Time Stipulation
1 Bolin (c) def. Hiccup Haddock vs. Brad Carbunkle vs. Roadkill- X-Pro Championship 4 Way Scramble Match
2 Coco Bandicoot (c) def. Tsubaki - NCW Woman's Championship Open Challenge
3 Vaas Montenegro vs. Sokka Sadistic Madness Match
4 Cody Hida (c) vs. Ben Tennyson Signles for the NCW Television Championship
5 Korra vs. Allison Wilson vs. Jessica Wilson- Three Way Dance for the Contendership to the NCW Women's Championship.
6 World's Toughest Tag Team (WWE) vs. Frozen Asylum (NCW) Tag Team Match for the NCW Tag Team Championship
7 Ash Ketchum vs. Chris House Singles
8 Danny Phantom (NCW) vs. Vlad Masters (AWE) Singles

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