NCW One Night Stand is a Pay-Per-View series produced by National Championship Wrestling. The PPV series has been in the making since late 2013 and was originaly to be called X-Treme X-Travagana, a three-day cross-over event, but due to budget limitations, the Pay-Per-View had to be canceled. Immediately, One Night Stand was created, a series of three smaller events with different themes. The first event is scheduled to be NCW Girl's Night Out at The Rave in Milwuakee, WN.

Girl's Night OutEdit

Girl's Night Out
"This is Extreme" by Harry Slash and the Slashstones
Girl's Night Out
Promotion NCW (promoter)
Date 6/15/14
Venue The Rave
City Milwaukee, WN
Attendance 2,456
Pay-per-view chronology
Inaugural Girl's Night Out TBD
NCW One Night Stand chronology
Inaugral Girl's Night Out Game Warfare

Girl's Night Out is the first One Night Stand Pay-Per-View. The event is also the first ever all female show in FWM history and features the tourney to determine the first NCW Woman's Tag Team Championship, as well as other singles match including a NCW Woman's Title match. The event is also a crossover PPV featuring NCW, CCW, PCUW, WWE, ACW and XCW talent, as well as the RR

Match Stipulation Time Notes: Number:

Ellen Ripley & Rika Nonaka (NCW) def.

Rock n' Rollin Country (Mandy & Raven) (PCUW)

Tag Team Match 5:15 Quarter Final Match 1

Gamer Generation (NCW)


Dawn & May (CCW)

Tag Team Match 7:56 Quarter Final Match 2
Sailor Mars (WCW) vs Korra (NCW) Singles TBD 3

Evil Beauty (Eliza Hart & Daniels Kendra) (ACW)


Soul Mate Express (Myrtle & Esther) (NCW)

Tag Team Match 2:09 Quarter Final Match 4

Digi-X (Yolei & Kari) (WWE)


Team Whiteout (RR)

Tag Team Match 9:17

Quarter Final Match

Chell (CCW) vs Joan Rivera (NCW) Singles TBD 6
Ripley & Rika Nonaka (NCW) def. Evil Beauty (ACW) Tag Team Match 10:45 Semi-Final Match 7
Gamer Generation (NCW) vs Digi-X (WWE) Tag Team Match 7:15 Semi-Final Match 8
Coco Bandicoot (NCW) (c) vs. Sora (XCW) singles TBD NCW Woman's Championship 9
Ripley & Rika Nonaka def Gamer Generation Tag Team Match 8:28

Finals Match to determine Inaugural NCW Woman's Tag Team Championship


Game WarfareEdit

Game Warfare will be the second event in the One Night Stand series. Also a crossover event, it will feature game characters only, the special guest commentator is scheduled to be Angry Video Game Nerd. The event is set to be held sometime in March or April of 2015

Game Warfare
"4000 Degrees Kelvin" by Valve
Promotion NCW
Date March-April 2015
Venue {{{venue}}}
City {{{city}}}
Pay-per-view chronology
{{{lastevent}}} Game Warfare {{{nextevent}}}
NCW One Night Stand chronology
{{{lastevent2}}} Game Warfare {{{nextevent2}}}

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