The NCW Riot was a famous brawl that occured in NCW on 

8/ 10/ 13 at the NCW Arena involving the NCW wrestlers in the Rookie Revolution.

The RiotEdit

The main event for the night was Sokka vs. Danny Phantom to determine the number 1 contender for the NCW Heavyweight Championship at WrestleWars. Everything was going as planned, including the Ash Ketchum/ Danny Phantom and Naruto/ Sokka brwals till the The Houses, Megaman, and Vaas if the Rookie Revoultion attacked Korra, Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, and Crash Bandicoot. Chris House had kidnapped Coco which was also unscripted earlier in the night which followed with the ambush. More NCW wrestlers including Katniss Everdeen and Drew tried to up the odds for NCW but that's when Vaas and Megaman jumped them.

Meanwhile in the arena the two brawls themselves began to fall off script. Security jumped the barriacde to try and brake up the brawls which they succeded in.

Back in the lobby Crash was tossed through a glass door and badly cut. Chris then tossed Coco ontop of Crash. Coco had been badly tortured earlier the night. Meanwhile other NCW wrestlers were forced back by Vaas and Lillian House, allowing the other RR members to do all they pleased to the NCW wrestlers they had. After the show went off air Police arrested the Houses but the Houses were latter bailed out by other RR wrestlers. After the show DXP sued the RR.


After the brawl many of the injured NCW wrestlers were healed by Korra's healing abilities.

The riot hyped up Crash vs. Chris, Velvet vs. Korra, and Jack vs. Ben at wrestlerwars. Ben Tennyson would loose to Jack House, Crash beat Chris House for the X-Pro championships, and Korra retained her NCW Woman's championship agianst Velvet. THe womans title match was followed by the "armband incident" In which Korra showed she wasn't going to lsiten to the RR and lit a RR armband on fire. THis sparked contreversy in the RR.

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