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Nick Gabriel (born Novembeer 28, 1986) is a Turkish American professional wrestler, best known in WWE. He compete under the name Nick Gabriel. He is known famous as Rocky the Mountain Dog as Dolph Ziggler's mascot. As Gabriel, he is a 5-Time WWE Tag Team Champions, 2-Time World Heavyweight Champion, and 1-Time Intercontinental Champion. As Rocky, he is a one time Intercontinental Champion and one time Tag Team Champion along with Ziggler. 


Gabriel was born in Adana, Turkey in a looting street. His parents divorced after borning him, because of his father did not want any child. Thought he was alone in that street for 15 years, an american resident who lives in a big house besides the street he lives adopted him and enrolled him at Cukurova University where he played both Wrestling and Football. He graduated there with all the subjects with 100% and enrolled him in Harvard Law School and passed bar exam.

Professional Wrestling CareerEdit

Training (2003-2005)Edit

After graduating on both Cukurova and Havard, he got intended on wrestling and was trained by his foster parent, who is also a former professional wrestler. He wrestle on wrestling schools, free street wrestling, and independent circuits until who signed a developmental contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling. He and his foster parent lives in Japan for Gabriel

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