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Northern Carnage Wrestling (NCW) (previously National Championship Wrestling and National Cartoon Wrestling) is an independent wrestling promotion that is also the smallest wrestling promotion in the entire Fiction Wrestling Multiverse. NCW is based on hardcore, strong style, purorseau, lucha libre, shoot and professional wrestling. The promotion consist of various fictional wrestlers, most of which in a need of reboot, and OCs.

Company HistoryEdit

NCW was founded as an NWA titled promotion in Philadelphia, Philadelphia. It was meant to be one of the many reboot attempts of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) going on at that time (Extreme Rising, House of Hardcore, etc.). However, it was a big time flop and the promotion was put up on sale in late 2012. That's when DXP bought the promotion for the low price of $3,119 and quickly remodeled the territory. First, he moved the base of operations to the former Steel Mill Town of Johnstown, Philadelphia, not far from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia. Later, he signed on various wrestlers like Ash Ketchum, Ben Tennyson, Danny Phantom and unknown wrestlers from NWA's Pro Bending Wrestling (PBW) including Korra, Bolin and Mako. NCW quickly grew both literally and metaphorically. DXP then decided in December of 2012 the next step was to make NCW independent, dropping it from under NWA's wing. Its last NWA-NCW show was on December 30, 2012.

After a few week hiatus NCW returned as National Championship Wrestling on January 12, 2013 on its own. its first few weeks were met with financial issues but NCW manages to crawl its way into its first pay-per-view No Way Out. After the event NCW creeped its way into popularity, making some noise. After a few successful months NCW met its first major roadblock. (Young) Gwen Tennyson, then at the time was signed to NCW. She, however, disliked DXP's poor paychecks and how the NCW Women's roster was "given the boot". After weeks of verbal conflict Gwen Tennyson walked out on NCW, as well as many of its female locker room with the exception of Korra, Katniss Everdeen and Jazz Fenton. Jazz would later leave as well. DXP would then erase NCW's Women's Division and gave Korra and Everdeen matches with male wrestlers, thus NCW become the first inter-gender promotion.

That summer NCW was able to hire more talent and began calling them wrestlers, not superstars, thus breaking the norm once more in the FWM. This would give way to NCW going to bigger venues, gaining more money and pay checks rising. DXP was able to restart NCW's woman's division and that included a temporarily resigned Gwen Tennyson. NCW also brought in The Houses. This would turn into NCW's lifesaver as the Rookie Revolution decided to attempt and claim NCW, boosting ratings. At WrestleWars, NCW saw one of its biggest television audiences, who also saw a great blunder. A match between Ripley and Gwen was scheduled, this turned into a fire deathmatch. The match turned out to be a little too violent as NCW was attempting to top CCW's Sadistic Madness Match from Meltdown between Gwen and Chell. This included Gwen having to use her own magic powers to protect herself, this followed with a lawsuit from Gwen Tennyson, who walked out on NCW a second and indefinite time, as well as receiving immediate cancellation of future pay-per-views on that network. NCW lost some talent and audience as well.

Due to these setbacks NCW at first was going to cancel future pay-per-views but thanks to another network, NCW pay-per-views were rescheduled. The first being Destined Glory (formerly Road to Glory). NCW also reformed its wrestling, lowering ultra violent wrestling in place for Lucha Libre, a high flying, risk taking and fast pace format NCW has enjoyed lately. NCW has also started to pay for full health coverage in case of injuries on job.

In January of 2014 NCW celebrated its One Year Anniversary at the NCW Arena in Johnston, Philadelphia. A major milestone for the company. NCW also announced their new developmental territory named XW (Xtreme Wrestling) in early February and started operations in early March.

However after Malice, NCW took a hiatus from activity due to technical issues, The lighting used for live events had been destroyed during a truck accident in May. The entire summer was a "drought" in the promotion.

NCW returned from hiatus however in August with one final episode of Prime, before being temporarily discontinued due to the limited time window left for the year. NCW debut a new system for the remainder of the year, which featured two shows a month. Starting with At The Corner of Napoleon & Market, which has been greatly praised. NCW's next event was WrestleWars 2014. The event was the largest live crowd ever to witness a NCW event, and to the surprise of everyone, the pay-per-view went off without a hitch. In November, NCW aired from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City with Aftermath, which didn't do as well as expected. But its final event of 2014, Barb Wire Beauty, did very well. The first NCW event in New Jersey and the first all woman's show in NCW, it was the starting point for a expected great year in 2015.

However, NCW didn't live up to the great expectations, for it has only produced four shows in total. Multiple wrestlers left NCW in factor of better pay and NCW was in a need of a re-haul technically. It failed to relaunch its flagship show, Prime, and its marquee event WrestleWars III was a major flop when it came to pay-per-view buys. NCW went into planning for a complete re-haul. Just before the new year, NCW announced that DXP was stepping down temporarily from day to day operations of the company, an interim is planned to be announced at the Three Year Anniversary Show.

Following The Three Year Anniversary Show, it was announced that former NCW wrestler Steve "Streak" Chamberlin had taken over the day to day operations of NCW in DXP's absence. Following the announcement, he changed the stipulations of regular NCW matches which until 2016 had been in a "No Holds Barred" situation.Streak added a 20 count that is used in ROH & NJPW, along with allowing rope breaks to stop a pinfall or break a submission.

NCW is currently in the works of planning WrestleWars IV, which if successful will become the largest event in the companies history, bringing the small dirty promotion out in the spotlight by hosting their marquee event in a stadium (Heinz Field), similar to the 60,00 plus crowds that WWE's Wrestlemania attracts. NCW has not forgotten it's roots however, and is also planning a two tournaments (one for each gender) featuring hardcore and ultraviolent wrestling which will be dubbed the Tournament of Anarchy.

Match Rules Edit

NCW Country

NCW, the final territory in professional wrestling.

NCW matches are single/tag team (unless otherwise changed for a special condition) but have tweaked rules.

  • There is a 20 count.
  • Pinfall must be inside the ring.
  • Ropes breaks are legal, but no five count in corner.
  • Weapons are legal.
  • Title matches have a 60 minute time limit, other matches can vary from 15 to 45 minutes.
  • The referee can call of the match off if things seem to go too out of control.

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

Main RosterEdit

As of February 28, 2016.

Championship Current champion(s) Reign Date won Days
Location Notes
NCW Heavyweight Championship Crash Bandicoot 2 October 8, 2015 113 Chicago, Illinois Defeated Christopher House in an "I Quit" Match at NCW WrestleWars III.
NCW Television Championship Jesse Alvarez 1 October 8, 2015 113 Chicago, Illinois Defeated Brad Carbunkle at NCW WrestleWars III.
NCW X-Pro Championship Aang 1 October 8, 2015 113 Chicago, Illinois Defeated Bolin at NCW WrestleWars III.
NCW World Tag Team Championship A&E
(Atticus Brown and Evan Din)
(1, 1)
September 26, 2015 125 Johnstown, Pennsylvania Defeated Team HeroKazu (Hirokazu Shiota and Kenta Kitagawa) at a house show.
NCW Women's Championship Katara 1 January 9, 2015 50 Johnstown, Pennsylvania Defeated Korra at NCW's Three Year Anniversary.
NCW Spirit Championship Sarah Ortiz 1 October 8, 2015 113 Chicago, Illinois Defeated Velvet House at NCW WrestleWars III.
NCW Women's Tag Team Championship Sweet Diva
(Sakura Hagiwara and Elena Miyazawa)
(1, 1)
October 8, 2015 113 Chicago, Illinois Defeated Frozen Rush (Asui Hikaru and Tammy Blake) at NCW WrestleWars III.

Other AccomplishmentsEdit

Accomplishment Latest Winner Reign
Road to Glory Series Jesse Alvarez June 30, 2015

Allegheny Mountain Wrestling Edit

As of June 30, 2016.

Championship Current champion(s) Reign Date won Days
Location Notes
AMW Championship Johnny Alvarez 1 April 1, 2016 84 Connellsville, Pennsylvania Defeated The Big Time at AMW: A Golden Night to become the inaugural champion.
AMW Mountaineer Championship Adam Price 1 April 1, 2016 84 Connellsville, Pennsylvania Defeated Hernan Ortiz and Titan Blake in a Triple Threat Elimination match at AMW: A Golden Night to become the inaugural champion.
AMW Tag Team Championship NexGen
(Yaseen Khan and Ismail Khan)
1 April 1, 2016 84 Connellsville, Pennsylvania Defeated Team D.E.A.D., Armed Vanguards and The Outlast in a Fatal 4-Way Tag Team match at AMW: A Golden Night to become the inaugural champions.
AMW Females Championship Holly Storm 1 April 1, 2016 84 Connellsville, Pennsylvania Defeated Evelyn Cano at AMW: A Golden Night to become the inaugural champion.


Month Pay-Per-View Name
January Three Year Anniversary Show
February No Way Out
April International Insanity
July Battle of Johnstown
Barbed Wire Beauty II
Hardcore Heaven
August Destined Glory
October WrestleWars IV

Supercard Events Edit

  • Ultra Clash (September)
  • Massacre on 34th Street (December)
  • Living Dangerously (March)
  • At The Corner of Napoleon & Market
  • Aftermath
  • Barb Wire Beauty
  • Anniversary Shows

Main RosterEdit

Male Wrestlers Edit

  • Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Ash Ketchum (Pokémon)
  • Atticus Brown (OC)
  • Ben Tennyson (Ben 10 series)
  • Bolin (The Legend of Korra)
  • Brad Carbunkle (My Life as a Teenage Robot)
  • Christopher House (OC)
  • Chris L. Walker (Outlast)
  • Cody Hida (Digimon)
  • Danny Phantom (Danny Phantom)
  • David Williams (OC)
  • Eddie Gluskin (Outlast)
  • Evan Din (OC)
  • Frank West (Dead Rising)
  • Garry Newman (Garry's Mod)
  • Garth Algar (Wayne's World)
  • Henry Wong (Digimon Tamers)
  • Hiccup Haddock (How to Train Your Dragon)
  • Hirokazu Shiota (Digimon Tamers)
  • Jack House (OC)
  • Jason Krueger (OC)
  • Jesse Alvarez (OC)
  • Kenta Kitagawa (Digimon Tamers)
  • Kevin Kenneth (OC)
  • Lance Ofioa (OC)
  • Mako (The Legend of Korra)
  • Nathan Stone (OC)
  • Richard Trager (Outlast)
  • Roadkill (OC)
  • Samuel Kenneth (OC)
  • Sokka (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Takato Matsuki (Digimon Tamers)
  • Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3)
  • Wayne Campbell (Wayne's World)
  • X-Virus (OC)

Female Wrestlers Edit

Tag Team / Stables Division Edit

Tag Teams Edit

  • Acid Rain — Allison Wilson and Knives Chu
  • Frozen Asylum — Jason Krueger and David Williams
  • Frozen Rush — Asui Hikaru and Tammy Blake
  • Montreal's Finest — Maxine and Remi Boredeaux
  • Rika Nonaka & Ellen Ripley
  • Samoan Stone — Lance Ofioa and Nathan Stone
  • Sweet Diva — Sakura Hagiwara and Elena Miyazawa
  • Team D.E.A.D. — Kevin and Samuel Kenneth
  • Team HeroKazu — Hirokazu Shiota and Kenta Kitagawa
  • Wayne's World — Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar
  • Whiteout — Velvet and Lillian House

Stables Edit

  • The Outlast — Richard Trager, Chris Walker, and Eddie Gluskin

Other Personal Edit

Name Tenure Brand Notes
Asui Hikaru April 2, 2016 – present AMW Trainer
DXP January 12, 2013 – present Prime / Electric Majority owner
Jesse Alvarez February 27, 2016 – present AMW Head of AMW
Jim Molineaux January 12, 2013 – present Prime / Electric Senior referee
Joel Gertner January 12, 2013 – present Prime / Electric Backstage interviewer
Joey Styles January 12, 2013 – present Prime / Electric Lead commentator for Prime, Electric and pay-per-views
Backstage interviewer
John Finnegan January 12, 2013 – present Prime / Electric Referee
Mike Kenneth May 19, 2014 – present Prime / Electric Referee
Noah "Spoony" Antwiler October 4, 2014 – present Electric Color commentator for Electric and pay-per-views
Backstage interviewer
Nostalgia Critic September 30, 2013 – present Prime Color commentator for Prime and pay-per-views
Backstage interviewer
Pee Wee Moore January 12, 2013 – present Electric Referee
Sinister Minister TBD TBD Manager
Steve "Streak" Chamberlin January 14, 2016 – present Prime / Electric Minority owner
General Manager
Steven Prazack January 12, 2013 – present Prime / Electric Backstage interviewer
Tenth Doctor January 12, 2014 – present Prime Color commentator for Prime and pay-per-views
Backstage interviewer
Troy Davis January 10, 2016 – present Prime Referee
Varrick January 12, 2014 – present Prime Manager of Aang

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