Operation: Final Reign is the name of a military operation organized by the Justice League. The operation resulted in two big, distincts fights and several smaller fights, who all occured simultaneously. The battle resulted in the liberation of the Multiverse from the control of Black Adam's totalitarian rule, along with his retreat. The operation involved several locations, such as Los Angeles, New York and Kahndaq.

Battle ReportEdit

  • Location: Los Angeles, New York City, Kahndaq
  • Date: Operation's beginning: 4/17/15; Operation's conclusion: 4/19/15
  • Involved in the OP: New Teen Titans, Multiple Heroes, Colonial Marines and the remnants of the Synthetic Troopers on the Justice League's side; Atlas Troopers, Black Adam, Lucas Wilson and (Young) Gwen Tennyson on the Adam Act's side.
  • Casualties: TBA
  • Outcome: Liberation of the Multiverse; Lucas Wilson defects from Black Adam, with the latter temporarily put under custody. Adam breaks free, before retreating from the Multiverse.



Beginning of OP Edit

Battle of New York Edit

Battle of Los AngelesEdit

Battle of Kahndaq Edit

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