1st Overlord

The Overlord is the title of an evil tyrant, passed down from generation to generation. Be it through heritage or apprentice, the mantle of the Overlord is always passed on to another, ensuring the dark lord's return. At his command, are endless hordes of gremlin-like creatures, referred to as Minions.

The first Overlord was a teenage prince, Lord Gromgard. He conquered the land, orchestrating a war between elves and dwarves, thus beginning the long line of Overlords. His fate was unknown, but it was assumed that he passed on from natural causes.

The second Overlord came into being through unknown means, but was one of the most powerful to bear the title. He was overthrown by a band of eight heroes, but returned after destroying the Wizard. He then corrupted the heroes, weakening them enough for his successor to kill them off, one by one, and allow him to retake control. However, he hadn't counted on the third Overlord's mistress and a small band of Minions, still loyal to his successor, to rebel. After a brief civil war between the two Overlords, the third incarnation emerged victorious and finally ended the second's life.

The third Overlord was an Eighth Hero in a band of heroes that overthrew Gromgard and succeeded him after his allies left him for dead. He was betrayed by his jester and trapped in an Infernal Abyss--a hellish landscape where he now rules as a god over the wraiths.

The fourth Overlord was his predecessor's son and was raised by the Minions to assume the role of his father. He defeated all opposition, toppling the growing Empire, and was the first to possess three mistresses. His downfall came at the hands of another hero, supposedly ending the Overlord once and for all.

But Evil always finds a way...

The Minions searched high and low for a new Overlord, a future to continue the legacy.

And their persistence was finally rewarded with their fifth leader emerging in the modern day FWM...

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