Peach Creek Ultimate Wrestling
PCUW logo
Federation Name Peach Creek Ultimate Wrestling
Abbreviation PCUW
Weekly Show Wedensday Night Adrenaline
Major Event New Day
Founder(s) The Eds, and Zack and Sarah Watkins
Pay-Per-Views Monthly
Headquarters Peach Creek
Current GMs Zack Watkins and Marina Coleman

Peach Creek Ultimate Wrestling (PCUW for short) is a wrestling company based in the fictional town of Peach Creek. It was written by RockinPurpleSarah (known better as Sarah) and created by Ed, Eddward (aka "Double D"), and Eddy, along with help from other friends. This company was created for young kid wrestlers wanting to go into wrestling.

Company HistoryEdit

PCUW was created in the beginning of June when The Eds came up with the crazy idea to make their own wrestling organization. With the help of their friends; sixteen year old Sarah Watkins and her twenty-two year old brother Zack, they began the process. They recruited help from parents and other town folk to make championship belts, the ring, ring attire, and even found a good enough arena for the show. After a little renovating on the arena, the kids proceeded into getting plans for tryouts. Four days later, roster tryouts took place and the roster was created. It was revealed that after the tryouts, the debut episode would begin the following week.

The debut episode of PCUW was unbelievable. The arena was sold out, every single seat filled. In that episode, all the champions were crowned; with Asheel Din as X Division Champion, the Tuba Brothers as World Tag Team Champions, Nazz as Women's Champion, Jimmy as Cruiserweight Champion (only to lose it the week later), Jonny 2x4 as Television Champion, Johnny Thunder as Hardcore Champion, Lee and Marie Kanker as Women's Tag Team Champions, and Ed as World Heavyweight Champion.

The company is currently beginning its second year on air, with two records set by Ed: longest World Title reign and longest undefeated streak (9 months). PCUW also recently got rid of their 13 to 19 age limit, welcoming wrestlers of all ages into the company.


Month Pay-Per-View Name
January New Year's War
February St. Valentine's Day Massacre
March Breaking Point
April Road to Glory
May Final Countdown
June New Day
July Independence Day
August Summerfest
September Still Unbroken
October Halloween Havok
November Survival of the Fittest
December End of Days

Main RosterEdit

Superstars DivisionEdit

Name Notes
Ace Lee
Aries Austin
Azure Lee PCUW Intercontinental Champion
Ben Tuba
Brody Blake
Carter Sullivan
Christian Hardy
Christopher House
Chris O'Mac
Chris William
Colt Anderson
Corey Dominic PCUW World Tag Team Champion
David Williams Fate or Fortune contract holder
(PCUW World Heavyweight Championship)
Ed Inactive
Edd PCUW X Division Champion
Eddie William
Eddy PCUW World Heavyweight Champion
Guntep Min
Jake Kimble
Jack House PCUW Mixed Tag Team Champion
Jason Krueger
Jesse Alvarez
John Williams
Johnny Smith
Johnny Thunder
Jonny 2x4
Justin Ledger
Ken Tuba
Kenny Smith PCUW Hardcore Champion
Leonardo "Wolf" Lancaster
Logan Craze
Matthew Hamilton
Mitch Adams PCUW Television Champion
Phil Hardy
Red Murdock / RC Bane Fate or Fortune contract holder
(PCUW World Tag Team Championship)
Robert Black
Slade Fate or Fortune contract holder
(PCUW X Division Championship)
Steven Ryke Fate or Fortune contract holder
(PCUW Television Championship)
Van Culmer PCUW World Tag Team Champion
Willy Blake

Knockouts DivisionEdit

Name Notes
Amanda "Mandy" Wells
Amanda Lights
Amber Sotomeyer
Ariyanne Hamilton
Ashley Williams PCUW Women's Tag Team Champion
Bell Logue
Eliza Maxwell
Flare Powers
Ivory Gerdelman PCUW Women's Champion
Jenny Smith PCUW Women's Tag Team Champion
Katherine Carlisle
Kelly Cage
Lee Kanker
Lilian House
Marie Kanker
May Kanker
Nazz Van Bartonschmeer
Nikki Sierra Invactive; in-show injury
Raven Wells
Selena Russo
Tanya Blake
Velvet House PCUW Mixed Tag Team Champion

Tag Team / Stables Division Edit

Tag TeamsEdit

  • Blackout — Christopher and Jack House
  • Van Culmer & Corey Dominic
  • Rock n' Roll Country — Mandy and Raven Wells
  • Second City Saints — Phil Hardy and Colt Anderson
  • The Anti and The Dragon — Chris and Eddie William
  • The Flawless Girls — Eliza Maxwell and Amber Sotomeyer
  • The Perfect Wolf Pack — Wolf Lancaster and Johnny Thunder
  • The Tuba Brothers — Ken and Ben Tuba
  • Virus Rebellion — Jason Krueger and Red Murdock / RC Bane
  • Willy & Brody Blake
  • Whiteout — Lillian and Velvet House

Stables Edit

  • Blood Money Syndicate — Willy Blake (leader), Brody Blake, Tanya Blake, Red Murdock, Jason Krueger, and The Houses
  • Orange City Dragons — Azure Lee, Chris O'Mac, Nikki Sierra, Ace Lee, and Flare Powers
  • Element World Order — David Williams (leader), John Williams, Ashley Williams, Johnny Smith, Kenny Smith, Jenny Smith
  • The Age of the Fallen — Asheel Din (unsure due to his actions), Phil Hardy, Colt Anderson, Justin Ledger, Christian Hardy, Selena Russo, and Kelly Cage (members currently going solo)
  • The Destiny Empire — Kevin (leader), Rolf, Nazz, Wolf Lancaster, Aries Austin, Guntep Min, Johnny Thunder, Mitch Adams, Amanda Lights, Carter Sullivan, Katherine Carlisle
  • The Erupting Eds — Ed, Edd and Eddy (leader)
  • The Kanker Sisters — Lee (leader), Marie, and May Kanker

Faculty StaffEdit


Name Dates Notes
Zack Watkins June 20, 2011 – present General Manager / Chairman
Marina Coleman June 20, 2011 – present Knockout Law / Co-General Manager
Lucas Wilson 2012 Managing Supervisor


Name Dates Notes
Demetri Lancer June 20, 2011 – present Lead commentator on Adrenaline and PCDW, pay-per-view pre-show panel commentator, host of Worldwide
Jared Allensworth September 30, 2012 – present Lead commentator on Adrenaline and PCDW
Nick Alpha November 2012 Commentator for Worldwide and pay-per-view pre-shows
Sarah Watkins June 20, 2011 – December 2012

Backstage InterviewersEdit

Name Notes
Kellsie Backstage interviewer for Adrenaline and PCDW, commentator on Worldwide and pay-per-view pre-shows
Melanie Woodland Backstage interviewer for Adrenaline and PCDW, pay-per-view pre-show panel commentator
Ruby Shadows Backstage interviewer for PCUW pay-per-view pre-shows, commentator for PCDW

Opening ThemesEdit

  • "Thorn in Your Eye" by Slamjam (Year 1; June 20, 2011 – June 27, 2012)
  • "Adrenaline" by Shinedown (Year 2; July 4, 2012 – October 2012)
  • "Feel The Adrenaline" by Adrenaline Mob (Year 2; present)

Developmental TerritoryEdit

Peach Creek Developmental Wrestling (PCDW for short) is similar to WWE's NXT and TNA's OVW. It helps train wrestlers waiting to get into the company and making them better athletes before going to the main roster. Their episodes are currently televised on FanFiction.Net

Superstars DivisionEdit

Name Notes
Akihiko Shoshitsu
Alexander Wells PCDW Heavyweight Champion
Alexander Valant VII
Blake Conrad
Byron Masters
Chase Rainin
Christopher Auburn
Circus Kane
Corbin Calaway
Derek Steele
Drew Cage
Dusk Terran
Fabio Aureo
Gregory Quinn
Hank Yamato
Ivan Tolkien
Jason Russo
Johnny Alvarez
Joshua Garza
Kenny Dreamer
Liam Takashi
Luther Perez
Maiden Creed
Matthias Hewitt PCDW Tag Team Champion
Patrick MacArthur
Raymond Miller PCDW Tag Team Champion
Reggie Ortiz
Reilly Roode
Ryan Cardigan
Ryan Griffin
Ryuunosaki Okato
Silva Tabart
Thomas Blake
Titus Forester
Tobias Spades
Trey Hart
Vladimir Williams
Zach Cage

Knockouts DivisionEdit

Name Notes
Alexa Slasher
Anna Hart
Destiny Junior
Evelyn Cano
Grace Tare
Helena Kay Nicholl
Holly Storm
Izumi Okami
Jessica Slasher
Kaori Kyuketsuki
Karen Cashew
Karin Cage
Kellsie Makes appearances on the main roster
Backstage interviewer
Kylie Dominic
Laurie Harding
Liane Cage
Lily Sawyer
Linka Lancaster Makes appearances on the main roster
Lucy Stevens
Mace "Blade" Tare
Makayla Burton PCDW Women's Champion
Makes appearances on the main roster
Bodyguard of Tanya Blake
Maria Ortiz
Maria Tayler
Mia Blakov
Riley Orson
Ulema Brown
Veronica MacArthur
Victoria Kori

Opening ThemesEdit

  • "Edge of a Revolution" by Nickelback

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

Current Champions Edit

Championship Current Champion(s) Reign Date Won Day(s) Held Locations Notes
PCUW World Heavyweight Championship Eddy 1 June 24, 2012 90+ New York, New York Defeated Kevin at New Day
PCUW X Division Championship Edd 3 June 24, 2012 90+ New York, New York Won in an Ultimate X Match at New Day
PCUW Intercontinental Championship Azure Lee 1 June 24, 2012 90+ New York, New York Defeated Chris O'Mac at New Day
PCUW Hardcore Championship Kenny Smith 1 June 24, 2012 90+ New York, New York Defeated Guntep Min in a Tables Match at New Day
PCUW Television Championship Mitch Adams 1 September 30, 2012 <1 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Defeated Jonny 2x4 at Still Unbroken
PCUW World Tag Team Championship Van Culmer & Corey Dominc 2 June 24, 2012 90+ New York, New York Defeated Kevin and Rolf at New Day
PCUW Women's Championship Ivory Gerdelman 1 June 24, 2012 90+ New York, New York Defeated Nazz in a Ladder Match at New Day
PCUW Women's Tag Team Championship Ashley Williams and Jenny Smith 1 June 24, 2012 90+ New York, New York Defeated The Flawless Girls at New Day
PCUW Mixed Tag Team Championship Jack and Velvet House 1 September 30, 2012 <1 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Defeated Matthew and Ariyanne Hamilton at Still Unbroken

Other AccomplishmentsEdit

Accomplishment Latest Winner(s) Date Won Event
New Day Series Eddy May 27, 2012 Final Countdown
Fate or Fortune David Williams (World Heavyweight)
Slade (X Division)
Steven Ryke (Television)
RC Bane (World Tag Team)
Ed (Fate Briefcase)
August 26, 2012 Summerfest

Developmental Territory ChampionsEdit

Championship Current Champion(s) Reign Date Won Day(s) Held Locations Notes
PCDW Heavyweight Championship Dusk Terran 1
PCDW Tag Team Championship Chase Rainin and Maiden Creed 1
PCDW Women's Championship Makayla Burton 1