"Chug, chug, chug!"
Vital statistics
Position Wrestler/Drinker
Age 18
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 5'5
Weight 232 LBS

(Photos are for reference, I don't own them.)

Background Information:

Piranha, originally known as Barracuda, is a wrestler who is directly inspired by TNA's Shark Boy during his Stone Cold gimmick, though Piranha is a massive drinker and loves to brawl.  He is currently a member of the stable, Anarchy Reigns.

Wrestling Career (NGW: Anarchy Reigns 2012-present)

Piranha debuted alongside Thomas Ambrose and Scott McTiernan, forming a heel stable, known as the Anarchy Reigns who attacked David Williams and Rain in their first on-screen appearances.  The stable would then proceed to attack Lazlo backstage when he tried to interview them on their actions.  

The next week, Anarchy Reigns explained that they're reasoning for forming the stable was because they were tired of faces being in the spot light and now it was there turn.  In their first match, Piranha, McTiernan, and Ambrose defeated David Williams, Paul Williams, and Rain in a six-man tornado hardcore match.  

The AR attacked their fallen opponents post-match until Jack and Regret Bounds came out for the save.  The AR had an ace up their sleeve however as Circus Kane was revealed to be another member who joined the stable.  Circus proceeded to chokeslam the Bounds brothers through the mat and as the AR celebrated, an anonymous masked by the name of "Phantom" came out and forced the stable to retreat.


Piranha is like a texas red neck who loves to drink beer and get into brawls.  He's not the the guy you want to piss off and expect to walk away without any sort of physical violence ensuing.  He's a close friend to Scott McTiernan and an acquantance to Thomas Ambrose but is rather indifferent towards Circus Kane who just joined the stable.  

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