Pride & Glory is a Mega Crossover Fiction Wrestling pay-per-view presented by World Wrestling Entertainment. It was held over two nights and featured talent from nearly all Fiction Wrestling promotions active at the time.



Night 1Edit

Night 2Edit


Night 1 Pre-Show Edit

Mickey Mouse def. Bugs Bunny

Night 1 Showdown Edit

Sector W def. Jecht, Reggie Rocket, Charlie Araya, and Hercules

Women's Best of the Best Match: Satsuki Kiryuin (GAIA) def. Ellie (WWE), Zoe Payne (CCW), Green (UCA), Android 18 (WCW), Yuna (XCW), Kairi (WND), Cindy Vortex (AWE), Sion Eltnam Atlasia (CASZ), Ember McLain (WWT), Saeko Busujima (ACW), Ellen Ripley (NCW), Raven (PCUW), Holly Storm (FTW), Alice Gonzales (TCW), Chikaru Minamoto (XCF), Lopunny (WCE) vs Luka Millfy (CEW) vs Eva (CAWF), Kate Fuller (FWF), Tsubaki Yayoi (WWL), Bebe Stevens (UCW), Applejack (FWE), GT Pan (UEPW), Sakura Kinomoto (AWF) to become the Diamond in the Mine Contract Holder

Chell def. Soi Fon

Past vs Present vs Future Match: Virus Rebellion (Jason Krueger & RC Bane) def. 2D Power Trip (Sylvester the Cat & Big Bad Pete) and Dinosaur Kings (Max Taylor & Rex Owen)

2 out of 3 Falls Extreme Rules Match: Yuna Kamihara def. Asui Hikaru

Broly Legendary Three Minute Challenge Gauntlet - Nathan Blair won after surviving three minutes against Broly

ECW Animation World Championship Match: Yugi Mutou (c) def. Slade, Christopher House, and Conker the Squirrel

UCA Cruiserweight Championship Fatal 4-Way: Tidus (c) def. Trunks, 9-Volt, and Steve

"You're The Better Twin" Match: Blue Oak def. Gary Oak

CCW Women's Tag Team Championship: Powerpuff Girls (c) def. Sailor Mars, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman

Elimination Chamber WCW Cartoon World Championship Match: Deadpool (c) def. Arkham Knight, Megaman EXE, Glitchy Red, Black Mage, and Deathstroke

Night 2 Pre-Show Edit

Ivan Drago def. Garfield

Night 2 Animated Edit

Toon Intercontinental Championship Gauntlet:  Kirigaya "Kirito" Kazuto def. Scott Pilgrim (c), Wolf Hawkfield, Jeremy Ellis, Arthur Read, Bolin, A-Mach

WWE Toon Intercontinental Championship Match: Black*Star def. Kirigaya "Kirito" Kazuto (c)

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Team 2D vs Extreme Team

Toon Hardcore Championship Ladder Match: Riley Freeman (c) def. Senji Kiyomasa, Spin the Hedeghog, Psymon Stark, Tommy Vercetti, Aries

Byron Masters & Eric Myers w/Magic Man def. Red & Henry Wong

14-Man Tag Match: Rookie Revolution (Jason Krueger (Co-Captain), Ben Tennyson (Co-Captain), Dan Hibiki, Greg Heffley, Rowley Jefferson, Starforce Megaman, RC Bane) def. Team Quest (Cactus Man, Takashi Komuro, Jake the Pirate, Zack Saturday, Truman X, El Tigre, Robotboy)

Street Fight: Korra def. Young Gwen Tennyson

Gas Chamber Match: Claude Speed def. Joker

Special Attraction: SOS Chat with Emmy

WWE Toon Championship Match: Prince Vegeta (c) def. Tommy Oliver, Super Mario, Scourge the Hedgehog, Sokka, Seto Kaiba, Leo, Johnny Test, Simon the Digger, Jake Long, Kai, Charlie Brown, HABIT the Rabbit

WWE Toon Championship Match: Dan Kuso def. Prince Vegeta (c)



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