The Primal Fear Roulette was a WWT stipulation for a WWT World Championship match between Gaara of the Desert and Timmy Turner at Unforgiven Shows 2013.


Before the match started, the Primal Fear Roulette was spun, the wheel contained the following lists of fears combined with linked match-types:

  • Acrophobia. That's a phobia of heights, so how about a nice ladder match?
  • Scared of the dark? That's called Achluophobia. Perfect for a blindfold match, I'm sure you'll agree.
  • Fear of confined spaces? Claustrophobia. A casket match.
  • Taphephobia. A fear of being buried alive. No prizes for guessing here, it's a Buried Alive match.
  • Fear of open spaces? That's Agoraphobia. A parking lot brawl should be ideal.
  • Fear of fire? Pyrophobia. Not ideal for anyone competing in an Inferno match!
  • Hemophobia. Scared of the sight of blood. What better than a first blood match?
  • Afraid of being trapped, unable to escape? Cleithrophobia. Four words: HELL IN A CELL!
  • The fear of being laughed at. Gelotophobia. I expect that is what most of you truly fear more than anything else. And what better way to make people laugh at a fighter than by having him scream “I quit” into a microphone in front of millions of viewers worldwide? The final match on the Roulette wheel: An “I quit” match.