The Dragon of the Wind.

Raimundo Pedrosa is a main protagonist from the Xiaolin Showdown animated series. He is the Xiaolin Dragon of the wind, joining the Temple from a circus in Brazil and, along with his friends Omi, Clay and Kimiko, tasked with defending the world from evil and finding powerful artifacts called Shen Gong Wu. After three years of this, Raimundo was promoted to the rank of Shoku Warrior, becoming the leader of the Xiaolin Dragons.

In Fiction Wrestling, Raimundo is currently signed to WWE: Animated, Animated Wrestling Entertainment (AWE) and World Wrestling Television (WWT). He is, as of this writing, Animated's current Mr. Money in the Bank.


Wrestling careerEdit

WWE: AnimatedEdit

Animated Wrestling EntertainmentEdit

World Wrestling TelevisionEdit


Personal LifeEdit

In WrestlingEdit


  • Air-Sault (High-angle moonsault)
  • Wind of the Winter (630 Senton)


  • Windbreaker (Ranhei)



  • "The Xiaolin Dragon of Wind"
  • "Mr. Money in the Bank"

Entrance themesEdit

  • "Blow Me Away" by Breaking Benjamin (Animated)
  • "Born to Win" by Mutiny Within (AWE)
  • "Warriors" by Imagine Dragons (WWT)

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

WWE: AnimatedEdit

  • Money in the Bank (2013)
  • Royal Rumble

Animated Wrestling EntertainmentEdit


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