Rei Myamoto

Rei Miyamoto is one of the main characters in Highschool of the Dead. She is a classmate and childhood friend of Takashi Komuro, and they've known each other since kindergarten. Rei is a member of the Sōjutsu club, and her combat skills have proven to be a strong asset to the group. She fights with a spear made from a broomstick, but later in the story, she uses a M1A1 Rifle with a bayonet attached.

In the Fiction Wrestling Multiverse (FWM), Miyamoto is currently signed to Awesome Championship Wrestling (ACW) on the RAMPAGE brand, Anime Wrestling Federation (AWF) on the Freedom brand, and Women's Wrestling League (WWL) competing in their developmental territory Women's Developmental League (WDL), all without the involvement of her male Highschool of the Dead teammates.

Background Edit

Professional Wrestling Career Edit

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Women's Wrestling League Edit

Women's Developmental League Edit

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Personality Edit

Rei is known to be a headstrong and reliable member of the group. She is very caring towards everyone, especially Takashi. Although constantly reprimanding him for his selflessness, she admits that this was one of the reasons she originally fell in love with him. She has held deep affection for Takashi since they were in kindergarten and has always liked him. She gets extremely jealous when Saeko is near Takashi and is shown to compete with Saeko for Takashi's affection.

Personal Life Edit

Rei is pretty close to all her teammates in H.O.T.D. during The Outbreak then and does have a large amount of affectionate feelings for Takashi.

In Wrestling Edit

Rei's wrestling style is consisted of technical, high-flyer, and submission specialist, though it is slightly similar to Takashi's.

Finishing moves Edit

  • Ame-no-Nuboko / Heavenly Jeweled Spear (Spear, often as a counter to a diving opponent)
  • Bōjutsu Neckbreaker (Snapmare Neckbreaker)
  • Brain Dead (Springboard Bulldog)
  • Killswitch (Double Wrist-lock transitioned into an Inverted Double Underhook Facebuster, sometimes from an elevated position) – adopted from Takashi Komuro

Signature moves Edit

  • Arm-trap Swinging Neckbreaker
  • Arm Triangle Choke
  • Art of the Spear / Sōjutsu Dive (Suicide Dive transitioned into a Spear)
  • Backhand Chop
  • Cross-legged Boston Crab
  • Crossbody Block, sometimes from the top rope
  • Deadlock Crossface (Arm-trap Crossface)
  • Diving Somersault Leg Drop
  • Falling Inverted DDT
  • Headscissors Takedown
  • Half Nelson Bulldog
  • Moonsault
  • Multiple kick variations
    • Baseball Slide
    • Dead Rush (Running Single Leg Drop)
    • Drop
    • Enzuigiri
    • Roundhouse
    • Spinning Heel, sometimes from the top rope
    • Springboard Thrust
  • Multiple Suplex variations
    • Belly-to-back
    • Bōjutsu Suplex (Lifting Swinging Fisherman, sometimes followed by a pin)
    • Bridging Northern Lights
    • Bridging / Rolling / Snap German
    • Dance with the Dead (German followed by a Dragon followed by a Bridging X)
    • Infecta Trifecta (Triple Rolling German combination) – adopted from Takashi Komuro
    • Snap
    • Vertical
  • Pulse Check (Running Knee Lift followed by a Falling Neckbreaker) – adopted from Takashi Komuro
  • Springboard Clothesline
  • Stepover Armlock Camel Clutch
  • STF
  • Yari Yumiya (Spear followed by a Bow and Arrow hold)

Managers Edit

Nicknames Edit

  • "The Sōjutsu (Submission) Specialist"

Entrance themes Edit

  • "Getting Away with Murder" by Papa Roach (April 19, 2013)
  • "Never Lost" by Decyfer Down (July 6, 2013 – present)
  • "Welcome to the Family" by Avenged Sevenfold (April 12, 2013 – present; used while as a member of Highschool of the Dead)

Championships and Accomplishments Edit

Anime Wrestling Federation Edit

Awesome Championship Wrestling Edit

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