The most "rockin' gore" combination of Rhyno and Heath Slater faces the high-flying Lucha Dragons on Raw.

The MatchEdit

Heath Slater and Kalisto started things off. Sin Cara avoids Slater's clothesline, slides down under him, leaps over him, then performs a springboard moonsault. Sin Cara would tag in Kalisto and would hit an aided suplex. Kalisto covers Slater for the two count but he kicked out. Kalisto would hit a springboard moonsault as well as a jumping leg drop. He tags in Sin Cara and performs a double dropkick. Sin Cara covers Slater for the three and a half count but he kicked out.

We got a break.

We return to the ring with Sin Cara headlocking Slater. Slater sends a few punches to Sin Cara's waist, but Sin Cara hits a side-walk slam. The two would managed to tag in on their respective partners. Kalisto and Rhyno charged at each other, but Rhyno hits the Gore on Kalisto for the win. 

Slater and Rhyno celebrates after the match.

Highlights and Memorable MomentsEdit

  • Half of the fans chanted "Rhyno Slater" on Slater and the remaining fans chanted "Lucha, Lucha" for Sin Cara.
  • "Did you think these stupid birds can defeat Rhyno and Heath?" - JBL
  • Rhyno hits a gore to a charging Kalisto.

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