"I am Roadkill..."
Vital statistics
Position Wrestler
Age Unknown
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 6'6
Weight 201 LBS

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Roadkill was a gimmick that started in UWE by the wrestler Charlie Araya who used it for one night to get back into UWE by winning a Royal Rumble for a contendership in the Omega Title Match at Bad Blood.  After the match, the gimmick was dropped by Araya after he was given his title shot.

Months later, the gimmick was revived and taken on by a currently unknown wrestler who's looking out to cleanse wrestling of the "impure and sinful" regardless of whether they're face, tweener, or heel in a company.

Wrestling Career (UWE):

Roadkil debuted in his first (and presumabley last) match in UWE.  Roadkill won the royale rumble for the number one conteders match for the Omega Title and was revealed to be Charlie Araya under the mask.  Araya soon dropped the gimmick and was supposedly forgotten.

Months later, there have been rumors of Roadkill returning to UWE under the name of a currently anonymous wrestler.

Cartoon X-treme Wrestling Entertainment (CXWE):

Roadkill's biggest moments in his career began in Cartoon Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment.  He made his first on-screen appearance when GM Tails Prower called him out to the ring.  When Tails asked Roadkill how he felt being in the company, the masked man responded with a tombstone piledriver, knocking Tail unconscious.  

The next week, Roadkill was pitted against Jason Voorhees for his debut match as Tails felt that Roadkill must be punished for assaulting him.  Roadkill easily defeated Jason with little difficulty and began to target fellow wrestler Streak in his path of destroying impure wrestlers, though Streak wasn't a bad person. 

The following week, Roadkill battled Jeff the Killer and Sasuke, and prevailed over both of them.  Tails then decided to have Roadkill battle Slender Man the next week which Roadkill won and brutally destroyed Slender Man after Streak taunted him through the titantron, calling him "Roadshit" and the crowd eventually chanting said word, much to Roadkill's frustration.

At Summer Bash, Roadkill was then given a spot in a six-man double contract ladder match for any title in the company against Eddy, Professor Chaos, Patrick, Goku, and Naruto.  Roadkill, along with Eddy emerged as the victors, despite Streak interfering.  Later on that night, Roadkill got even with Streak by attacking him during his Extreme Rules match against Squidward.  When Squidward attempted to give Roadkill a high-five, the masked man proceeded to put Squidward through a table as well and left the ring.  

The week after Summer Bash, Roadkill is scheduled to face off against Streak in a Barbed Wired Massacre match and if Roadkill loses, he will be forced to take off his mask and show his identity to the world.  Roadkill vowed that Streak would be humiliated as he was when the latter insulted him.

The next week, Roadkill and Streak faced off but in the middle of the match, the Rowdyruff Boys attempted an assault.  The two easily dispatched the boys, however before the match could continue, executive Paul Johnson cancelled the match, much to Streak and Roadkill's annoyance.

The following week, Roadkill claimed vengeance on Paul by assaulting him in the wrong and shoving a bar of soap into his mouth aftet takin out Paul's guards.  Later on in the same night, Roadkill defeated the Rowdyruff Boys after Brick and Butch abandoned Boomer when all their dirty tactics failed to pick up a win on the masked psychopath.  Soon afterwards, Roadkill pursued Paul and his guards in an attempt to further punish Paul.

Roadkill then teamed up with Streak against Karl Jason and Leo Walker, however the match came to a no contest due to Patrick attacking all four wrestlers, Roadkill included.  The Royale Rumble PPV is where Roadkill suffered his first loss to Streak via roll up pin.

Afterwards, Roadkill remained absent for a few weeks before making his return, defeating Death the Kid and earning a shot at Drew Cage for the Intercontinental Title at Payback. 

National Championship Wrestling (NCW):

On the 6/22/13 episode of NCW, Roadkill made his debut, defeating Hiccup Haddock.  The following week, Roadkill defeated Deadly Violence and began a feud with Rob Van Dam.  Roadkill would come out later on the same night and attacked Sokka.  When RVD demanded Roadkill's reasoning for this, the masked man responded by chokeslamming him.  This gave Sokka a chance to repel Roadkill and he retreated.  Later on that night, RVD searched for Roadkill but was ambushed by him and ramemd into a forklift with Roadkill ominously saying "Nobody controls me."  before leaving. 

Throughout the following weeks, Roadkill and RVD battled it out in backstage brawls before the two decided to settle it at WrestleWars.  At WrestleWars, Roadkill and RVD faced off in a brutal fight which ended in a victory for Roadkill.

Next Generation Wrestling (NGW):

Roadkill debuted on the first episode of NGW, defeating Toby Shields and Sektor.  Roadkill was later put in the Hardcore tournament for the NGW Hardcore Title.  The following week, Roadkill targeted Hernan Ortiz as his possible next target.  Later on, was followed by a cameraman who tracked him down to the boiler room where he resides.  After sneaking around, the cameraman found a list of Roadkill's soon-to-be victims.  The cameraman was eventually found out and caught by the masked mad man who dragged him into a basement where he proceeded to brutally beat the cameraman down before smashing the camera.

Roadkill vs. Charlie Araya

On the twitter, Roadkill and Charlie Araya met, after exchanging words, Roadkill accused Charlie of leaving him and using him for personal gain.  Charlie would go on to say Roadkill is nothing but a copycat and he was the original, this sparked a physical confrontation between the two, causing Charlie to take up his Roadkill gimmick again, determined to take down what he calls "The Imposter" while Roadkill himself wants vengeance on Charlie for using and discarding him like trash.


Roadkill is a man of mystery who prefers to be in the shadows but in the ring, he is a violent, psychopathic monster who seeks to put away his opponents in the most brutal ways possible.  He would even attack them once the match ends.  Little is known about Roadkill's definite personality except for the fact that he's merciless and will do whatever he wants, however he wants, whenever he wants.

Wrestling Style:

Roadkill is shown to be a high-flyer and a brawler at the same time.  He can make stunnig transformations from an extreme icon to a demonic entity who decimates anyone in his path.

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