Rogue Riot Bots

The Rogue Riot Bots were a splinter faction of Riot Bots, led by Zinc, who controlled a precinct nearby Lemon Brook. They originally served the FWM's law enforcement branch but broke off in a revolt, saying that the officers and soldiers of the FWM were all liars with intent to take over. They attempted to spread the word to the FWM but none paid heed. The Rogues created a base out of their precinct and overtime, they created a small factory underground, making more Rogues to swell their ranks.  On top of that, the Riot Bots raided the nearby armory and donned ODST armor. They attacked any responding units who attempted to arrest them and the council decided to permit lethal force and put Havoc in charge of the operation.  Despite their increased numbers, the insurrection was eventually put down by the SpecOps team accompanied by the recently demoted Metallica at the Battle of Precinct 7 where all, including their leader and second-in-command Victor , were killed in the battle.