The Rooke Retribution was a stable whose sole purpose was to parody the Rookie Revolution. It worked for NCW for a brief period.


NCW Edit

The Rookie Retribution started in August 2013, after NCW began to get tired of the Rookei Revolution calling them trash. After weeks of attacks by the House family, Steven Williams formed the Rookie Retribution with his friend Mike Wilson and fellow wrestling school student Tim Tee. Their main goal was to make fun of the Rookie Revolution as much as they can to get under their. They first made their debut in a NCW House Show in Queens, New York, where Mike Wilson appeared dressed as Ben Tennyson and Steven William parodied Souchi Sugano. Steven lost is match to Bolin later that night.

At WrestleWars the Rookie Retribution came into the Amway Center uninvited but received an ovation by the NCW fans. Tim Tee parodied RR member Timmy Turner by making fun of his "programs". Tim Tee and Mike Wilson. Later, backstage, as Ben interrupted an interview and yelled at Ellen Ripley, Steven assaulted Ben with a bat.


  • Steven Williams (leader)
  • Mike Wilson
  • Tim Tee


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