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"Falling Apart" by Trust Company
"There Can Be Only One At The Top"
Promotion SPWA
Date 23/02/14
Venue Maze Bank Arena
City Los Santos, San Andreas
Attendance 91.907
Buyrate 210.000
Pay-per-view chronology
N/A Hierarchy 21st Street Wars
SPWA Hierarchy chronology
N/A Hierarchy Hiearchy 2015

SPWA Hierarchy is an annual Pay-Per-View produced by San Paro Wrestling Alliance. The first edition of the show is scheduled to happen February 23, and it will take place, like any other SPWA shows, at the Maze Bank Arena in Los Santos.

Pay-Per-View TriviaEdit

Hierarchy CD

The official DVD of Hierarchy

The official name of this event was released on January 12, along with a first version of the logo that involved a glass pyramid. Backstage rumors indicate that, while still sticking with the pyramid theme, Alexander Valant wanted something more elaborate, and had the current logo designed.

Hierarchy, being the first ever SPWA pay-per-view, is a key event for the company. It is, in fact, the first ever time that the Tag Team, Hardcore, Women's and World Championships will be awarded. It is also the very virst SPWA event where an Elimination Chamber, a Championship Scramble and a Tag Team Turmoil match are going to be held.

Background Edit

Hierarchy's theme is centered around on who is the one who can reach the top, and, thus, is concentrated mostly on the Elimination Chamber match that will award the SPWA World Championship.

On the very first episode of Vainglory, in fact, Alexander Valant announced that the world champion would be decided inside the Elimination Chamber, before being interrupted by both Michael Simeone and Tyron Sennet. The CEO, to calm both sides down, added to next week's card Arlon Benjamin VS Seung Bloodrose and Michael Simeone VS Harmon Benjamin, and whoever won his match would qualify for the Chamber. On the very same episode the announcement was made, Steve and Magic Man both qualified for the chamber by defeating, respectively, JonTron and Franklin Clinton.

In the meantime, on the same episode of Vainglory's, in the Main Event, Magnet Man managed to win the SPWA United States Championship in a Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match. The following week, an interview, recorded right after the end of the first show, was shown, featuring Magnet Man himself. the interview was, unluckily, cut short by Tyron Sennet, who stepped in and announced his new objective of winning the SPWA United States Championship off Magnet Man.

Speaking of Robot Masters, on the first episode of Vainglory, Metal Man lost his SPWA debut match against rookie Brian Van Vorst, due to the latter's cheating (using the ropes as a further leverage for the pin.). On the very same week, a very angry Metal Man appeared on FTW, explaining that him and Van Vorst were not done yet, and that he wanted to challenge for the FTW Intercontinental Championship. The Robot Master explained that he and Van Vorst would've had a second match at Genesis, and that before that, both would've been in a Beat The Clock Challenge, with the winner deciding the Genesis match stipulation. Furthermore, whoever won the Genesis match, would've moved on to fight against Irvine Kinneas for the Intercontinental Championship. Van Vorst, accepting the challenge, tried to tell the red Robot Master to "chill", but Metal Man answered by assaulting him.

By the second episode of Vainglory, Van Vorst had beaten SPWA representative Lewis, while Metal Man defeated FTW representative Byron Masters, with the Robot Master winning the Beat The Clock challenge. Following the match, Metal Man immediately announced the stipulation for his and Brian's match at Genesis: No DQ Falls Count Anywhere Two Out Of Three Falls match.

Event Edit

Aftermath Edit

Reception Edit

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