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"Broken Promises" by Element Eighty
"You learned to trust... now learn to betray"
Promotion SPWA
Date 25/05/14
Venue Maze Bank Arena
City Los Santos, San Andreas
Attendance TBA
Buyrate TBA
Pay-per-view chronology
Luxuria Spies Waterfront
SPWA Spies chronology
N/A Spies Election Day 2015

Spies was scheduled to be a special cross-over Pay-Per-View co-produced by San Paro Wrestling Alliance, Wrestling Character Entertainment and Animated Wrestlign Entertainment. The show was scheduled to happen May 25, replacing Election Day on the schedule, and it would've take place, like any other SPWA shows, at the Maze Bank Arena in Los Santos


Originally, the show, which was supposed to be called "RessureXtion" was going to be hosted by AWE and co-produced by AWE and FWE. However, several events forced FWE to forfeit the event, leaving it to SPWA. After some complications struck AWE too, SPWA proposed to host the event, and AWE accepted.

On January 25, it was announced that WCE would participate in the event as well, and that the event was going to be called "Spies".

However, on February 2nd, the plug was pulled on the event, as Alexander Valant deemed it a "cluster of ideas" and "just too messy".


Spies, being a multi-company event, had the ideas of AWE, WCE and SPWA's bookers all supervisioned, and the best ones ended up being picked. The event would've had have a grand total of 10 matches, of which only 4 have been announced.



Match Time
??? (c) vs ??? vs ??? Triple Threat Match for the SPWA United States Championship N/A
The BloodRoses (Michael Simeone, Jeung Bloodrose, Tyron Sennet, Seung Bloodrose and Byron Bloodrose) vs Team WCE (Seamus, The Prison Shanks, Oswald and ???) 5-versus-5 Survivor Series Match N/A
Sackboy vs Sly vs ??? vs Rev Runner vs Scout vs ??? vs Kootra vs Kick Buttowski vs Vega Spy in The Base Ladder Match N/A
Aries vs Johnny Test (c) Three Stages Of Hell (First Blood, Steel Cage, Ambulance) Match for the AWE Intercontinental Championship N/A

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