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SPWA United States Championship (2014-Present)

The SPWA United States Championship is a title belt defended at the San Paro Wrestling Alliance, and it's currently considered the secondary title of the company.


After announcing how many belts SPWA was going to have, Alexander Valant VII, in a way to "attract media buzz", sent a list with the belt's names to numerous wrestling-related sites. On January 22nd, the design of all SPWA belts was released to the public for free

Current ChampionEdit

The belt is currently vacant.

List of championsEdit


Date Won

Date lost

Days as champion




Magnet Man

February 1st


7 days

SPWA Vainglory

Maze Bank Arena, Los Santos, San Andreas

Magnet Man defeated Cactus Man, Tyron Sennet and Dan Hanson in a Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match to win the belt.

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