SPWA Waterfront
"Decadence" by Disturved
"Blood-stained water... the only thing between you and the top of the pyramid."
Promotion SPWA
Date 29/06/14
Venue Maze Bank Arena
City Los Santos, San Andreas
Attendance TBA
Buyrate TBA
Pay-per-view chronology
Spies Waterfront Hit N' Run
SPWA Waterfront chronology
N/A Waterfront Waterfront 2015

SPWA Waterfront is an annual Pay-Per-View produced by San Paro Wrestling Alliance. The first edition of the show is scheduled to happen June 29, and it will take place, like any other SPWA shows, at the Maze Bank Arena in Los Santos.

Pay-Per-View TriviaEdit

The official name of this event was released on January 12, along with the confirmation that the Pay-Per-View is the SPWA equivalent of WWE's Royal Rumble, with the winner getting a title shot for the SPWA World Championship while the runner-up gets a shot at the SPWA United States Championship at the company's biggest event, which is scheduled to be held in August.






SPWA Waterfront

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