San Paro Wrestling Alliance, or SPWA for short, is a newly founded company, controlled by Alexander Valant VII of the Valant family. The company, named after the city from where most of its' talent comes from, has made its' debut on February 1st, 2014.


The company was created by the idea of both Alexander Valant VII and Gear Valant. The Valant brothers, in fact, had quickly noticed how the psychos, the mercenaries and the criminals of the multiverse were mostly overlooked, and both decided to hire some and turn them into the superstars of tomorrow.

Alexander, now in charge of the new company, flew to San Paro and started to search for the rest of the personnel. And by the time that September had arrived, the company, now known as SPWA, was now training their future roster.

However, a small problem got into the way. San Paro's two stadiums were heavily damaged and under reconstruction after the events known as the "Criminal Civil War", leaving SPWA homeless. After a while, the company settled on the Maze Bank Arena located in Los Santos, which was leased to them for a full year.

Current Title-holdersEdit

Title Current holder Previous holder
SPWA World Championship Vacant N/A
SPWA Intercontinental Championship Vacant N/A
SPWA Tag Team Championship Vacant N/A
SPWA Hardcore Championship Vacant N/A
SPWA Women's Championhip Vacant N/A

Pay-Per-View AgendaEdit


Maze Bank Arena, the current home of SPWA

Month Name
January All-In
February Hierarchy
March 21st Street Wars
April Blacklist
May Paradise City
June  Waterfront
July Fragments
August End Of The Line
September Times Of Trouble
October Showdown at Sundown
November Market Crash
December December to Dismember

Current RosterEdit

Male RosterEdit

Female RosterEdit

Tag Teams and StablesEdit

Other On-Air PersonnelEdit

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