Scourge the Hedgehog

The King of the World.

Scourge the Hedgehog, formerly known as Evil Sonic or Anti-Sonic, is an antagonist from the Sonic the Hedgehog comics produced by Archie. Scourge is an alternate, evil version of Sonic, possessing all the abilities of the blue speedster. Originally little more than a minor thug, Scourge has since established his own identity with no reliance on the "evil twin" gimmick, and has become a major threat in his own right.

In Fiction Wrestling, Scourge currently works for Universal Character Association (UCA). Like in the comics, he originally appeared as Evil Sonic, but with help from Blue, he has since established his own identity and become a major UCA star.


Wrestling CareerEdit

Universal Character AssociationEdit

Evil Sonic Edit


Since he is an evil alternate version of Sonic, Scourge has all of Sonic's traits, just darkened and at times, turned on their head. While Sonic enjoys the company of his friends, Scourge sees his allies as pawns to help him prove he's the best; Sonic's respect for women is flipped in Scourge's status. In addition, where Sonic often consider his battles as sport, Scourge first to prove he is the greatest by introduction his opponents to excruciating pain. However, sometimes his arrogance, amplified by Sonic's usual cockiness, makes it easier to defeat him.

Personal LifeEdit

In WrestlingEdit

Unlike Sonic, Scourge is something of an all-rounder in the ring, not favoring any particular style. He does, however, have a tendency to use dirty tricks to try and outsmart opponents.

Finishing MovesEdit

  • Raging Scourge (Lifting DDT, sometimes from the top rope)
  • Spear

Signature MovesEdit

  • Half Nelson Bulldog
  • Flapjack
  • Full Nelson Facebuster
  • Missile Dropkick
  • Scourge-O-Matic (Sitout Rear Mat Slam)
  • Scourgacator (Kneeling Inverted Sharpshooter) 


  • "King of the World" (self-proclaimed)
  • "Mr. Money in the Bank"

Entrance ThemesEdit

  • "Metalingus" by Alter Bridge

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

Universal Character AssociationEdit


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