Smart Athletic Friends is a face professional wrestling stable performing in the WNW, composed of Jack SwaggerZack RyderDolph Ziggler, and Justin Gabriel, however he was only used as a second mascot some times. They debuted on November 16, 2013. 


Debut, Smackdown, and Feud with 3MB (2013-2014)Edit

Smart Athletic Friends debut in November 16, 2013 episode of Smackdown, defeating 3MB. That same week, they defeated 3MB twice. On the month of December, 3MB defeated them thrice. On December 28 episode of Smackdown, Smart Athletic Friends defeated RybAxel. On January 13, 3MB defeated them. Then on January 14, Smart Athletic Friends defeated again 3MB. The feud between Smart Athletic Friends and 3MB started. On January 27, at the match of Bo Dallas and Ryback, 3MB attacks Dallas before he pinned Ryback while he was motionless at the ring. After assaulting Dallas, Smart Athletic Friends help him and attacks 3MB. Then 3MB got they revenge at the February 10 episode of Smackdown where they defeated Smart Athletic Friends, but on that same night, Smart Athletic Friends defeated them once more again. Later on February 14, between the match of 3MB and Justin Gabriel, the Wyatts attacks them, then Smart Athletic Friends came and stopped the Wyatt Family, making the feud between 3MB and Smart Athletic Friends ended. At the backstage, Smart Athletic Friends asks Justin Gabriel to become a member of their stable, in which Gabriel accepted.

Teaming up with Justin Gabriel (2014)Edit

On February 14, after saving Gabriel and 3MB, Justin became an official member of Smart Athletic Friends. Justin made his "Smart Athletic Friends" debut on February 20, where they got a match with Cesaro and Tyson Kidd, and he pinned Kidd making him cheered by the fans. Later he got a singles match agains TItus O'Neil, in which he picks up the victory. On March 11, they got a match against Randy Orton and Seth Rollins. But before the match started, Triple H appears in the titantron. Triple H implies that one member of you will betray to you. Then the Smart Athletic Friends started thinking. At the back Gabriel get a steel chair, then at the back of Swagger, Triple H shouts to hit Swagger, then they look to Gabriel. Triple H shouts for the second and last time, but Gabriel stills can't do. Then Orton and Rollins attacks Ryder and Ziggler, then corners Swagger. Once again, Triple H shouts to Gabriel to attack him, then tries to attack him, but instead of Swagger, he attacks Orton. Then he kicks out Orton out of the ring. Ryder and Ziggler recovers and corners Rollins. Triple H shouts no, then Gabriel attacks Rollins. However, he attacks Ziggler and Ryder, and knocks out Swagger. Then Triple H implies that Gabriel is now a member of the Authority. At the backstage, when Triple H congratulates Gabriel, Gabriel attacks him and hits him a vase on his face.

Raw (2014)Edit

Smart Athletic Friends was moved to Raw. They defeated Los Matadores twice, RybAxel thrice, and Wyatt Family twice. On August 20, Swagger and Ryder failed to defeat Wyatt and Harper. At the month of September, they defeated the Wyatts 4 times. They defeated Sheamus, as well as the Shield. They also defeated Kane on November 20, 23, 25, 28, and 29. They was defeated by Stardust and Goldust on December 23.

Return to Smackdown (2015-Present)Edit

Smart Athletic Friends return to Smackdown defeating the New Day on March 6. They defeated Neville, King Barrett, and Bo Dallas on March 10. R-Truth and Bo Dallas failed to defeat them on August 6. They defeated Kane and Bray Wyatt (along with Harper and Strowman) on August 12 along with their former partner, Justin Gabriel. They was defeated by the Dudleyz twice at the month of September as well as losing to The Prime Time Players, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, and Braun Strown and Luke Harper. Dolph got a singles one match against Bray Wyatt, but after Wyatt Sister Abigails him, Gabriel rushes to the ring, wearing his former Smart Athletic Friends vest, jogging pants and white shoes. After the match Swagger attacks Gabriel, but was stopped by Ryder. On their matches against Neville and Stardust, King Barrett and Neville, Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt, the Dudleys, the Lucha Dragons and The Cosmic Wasteland, Smart Athletic Friends wins due to Gabriel, in which he pinned Stardust, Neville, Luke Harper, D-Von Dudley, Sin Cara, and Konnor. Later, they agreed to back Gabriel on the stable.

Return of Gabriel and Tag Team Champions (2015-Present)Edit

The four defeated Chris Jericho, Sting, and John Cena at night of Champions. They defeated Big Show and Mark Henry to be the Tag Team Champions. However, the Wyatts defeated them at that same wekk. But regain their belt to Wyatts for pinning Strowman.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishers
    • ​Ryder and Ziggler
      • Power of Positivity ( Ryder and Ziggler's doomsday device )
      • I Love You No Matter What ( Several punches at the chest (Ryder) and stomach (Ziggler) )
    • Ryder and Swagger
      • Ultimate Ending ( Patriot Lock Hold (Swagger) / Splash (Ryder) )
    • Ziggler and Swagger
      • Athletic Friend Device ( Ziggler and Swagger's doomsday device)
  • Entrance Themes
    • "​Power of Positivity" (2014 - Present)
    • "One Day" (2013 - 2014)
  • Nicknames
    • As a Team
      • "​ New Day Jr. "
      • " The (Leaders of) Dance "
      • " S.M.A.R.T / Serious Men And Right Turned "
      • " The Awesome "
      • " (The) (Biggest (Believers) ) (of) Power of Positivity "
    • Zack Ryder
      • " Ice-Cream Boy "
      • " The Master of Lyres "
      • " (The ( (Smart (Athletic) (Friend) ) Singer "
      • " (The ( (Smart) Athletic) (Friend) ) "
    • Dolph Ziggler
      • " (The ( (Smart (Athletic) Friend) Dance) Trainer "
    • Jack Swagger
      • " (The (Smart (Athletic) ) (Big) ) Guy"
  • Notable Feuds and Records
    • 3MB
      • ​16 Matches
        • Smart Athletic Friends: 8 / 3MB: 8

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