Star-Lina is a Fiction Wrestling tag team that consisted of Paulina and Star, both from Danny Phantom. They are currently competing in Anime Wrestling Federation (AWF) after getting drafted in 2014.


  • Formation: 2014
  • Companies: (Currently) AWF
  • Series: Danny Phantom (both)
  • Combined Weight:
  • Allies: Selena Richardson
  • Rivals:
  • Status: Active

Wrestling CareerEdit

Anime Wrestling FederationEdit

Star-Lina made history as the first non-anime characters to be signed to AWF after the company announces them as the first draft pick during the 2014 edition of Fiction Wrestling Draft. After getting drafted, Star-Lina spent some time in Japanese Anime Wrestling, participating in the B1 Climax while forming an alliance with fellow Nicktoon Girls Angelica Pickles, Cindy Vortex, and Sandy Cheeks at the same time. Said alliance is called Nick Clique, a stable in shades of the Bullet Club.

The duo then made their debut by entering the Tournament to determine who will be the first ever AWF Womens Tag Team Champions, beating Chie Satonaka and Hibiki Tachibana in the first round. The two however failed to win the title thanks to Haruhi Suzumiya and Asuna Yuuki winning them at Anime Mania III instead.

In WrestlingEdit

Double Team SignaturesEdit

  • Star-Light (Inverted Brainbuster)

Double Team FinishersEdit

  • Alvarez Driver (Meltzer Driver [Springboard Sommersault Spike Kneeling Reverse Piledriver])
  • Double Loser (Double Superkick on both sides of opponent's head)

Entrance ThemesEdit

  • "Double Barrel" by Yonosuke Kitamura

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

Anime Wrestling Federation Edit