Non-Stop Violence Since 1940

Team 2D is a Fiction Wrestling tag team consisting of Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse of the Tom and Jerry franchise. They currently compete in Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment (UWE), Universal Character Association (UCA) and Full Throttle Wrestling (FTW). Originally bitter rivals, the two have since become one of Fiction Wrestling's most decorated tag teams.



ECW: Blood & InkEdit

Universal Character AssociationEdit

Ultimate Wrestling EntertainmentEdit

Full Throttle WrestlingEdit

In WrestlingEdit

Double Tag Team Finishing MovesEdit

  • Non-Stop Violence (Flapjack (Jerry) / Cutter (Tom) combination, sometimes putting an opponent through a table)

Double Tag Team Signature MovesEdit


Entrance themesEdit

  • "Light It Up" by Rev Theory (UWE)
  • "Bombshell" by Powerman 5000

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

Extreme Championship Wrestling: Blood & InkEdit

  • ECW Animation Tag Team Championship (3 times)

Full Throttle WrestlingEdit

  • FTW Tag Team Championship (1 time)

Universal Character AssociationEdit

Ultimate Wrestling EntertainmentEdit


  • It's been revealed that both of the Team have children: one son each, who played the duo in Tom & Jerry Kids.
  • Tom and Jerry have the most reigns in UCA history as the World Tag Team Champions.