Elimination Wrestler Team Eliminated by Elimination move Time
1 Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat Cena N/A Disqualified after hitting Bo Dallas multiple times with a steel chair 00:52
2 Bo Dallas Authority John Cena Pinned after a Fine Knuckle Shuffle and Ricky's multiple steel chair hit to Dallas 01:27
3 Rusev Authority N/A Counted after falling off a ladder through the announce table. 29:56
4 Corporate Kane Authority Big Clem Layfield Pinned after a Jumping Legsweep and a running splash. 35:07
5 Ryback Cena Big Show Pinned after a KO Punch 42:32
6 Big Clem Layfield Cena Seth Rollins Pinned after a Curb Stomp 59:05
7 Big Show Authority Titus O'Neil Pinned after a Clash of the Titus 1:35:09
8 Titus O'Neil Cena Seth Rollins Pinned after a Curb Stomp and a Diving High Knee 2:00:59
9 Seth Rollins Authority John Cena Pinned after an Atitude Adjustment 5:09:11
Sole Survivor(s): John Cena Cena N/A N/A 5:09:11

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