The members of Team RWBY: Ruby Rose (far left), Weiss Schnee (middle left), Blake Belladonna (middle right), and Yang Xiao Long (far right).

Team RWBY is a professional wrestling stable consisting of the four main characters from RWBY made by Monty Oum.

They are currently signed to Cultural Evolution Wrestling (CEW), Global Pride Wrestling (GPW) on the Blizzard brand, Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment (UWE), and GAIA Women Athletes.

Meanwhile, Yang Xiao Long is currently signed to WWE: Animated, without the involvement of any other RWBY member, and Apex Caliber Wrestling (ACW) in its developmental territory APEX Underground alongside Blake Belladonna as Team Bumblebee and Belladonna alone in SPARK Women's Wrestling.

Background Edit

  • Formation: 2013
  • Companies: (Currently) CEW, GPW, UWE, GAIA, WWE {Xiao Long}, SPARK {Belladonna}, ACW (AU) {Team Bumblebee}, (Formerly), PROGRESS {Schnee}, XFWA
  • Series: RWBY
  • Leader: Ruby Rose
  • Members: Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long
  • Allies: Team JNPR, Team JRCO, Winter Schnee (Weiss's sister), Percy Jackson (Rose's boyfriend), Mikasa Ackerman, Hiccup Haddock
  • Rivals: Cinder Fall, Katrina Winter, Chicks With Cannons
  • Status: Active

History Edit

Cross-Fiction Wrestling Association Edit

Cultural Evolution Wrestling Edit

Global Pride Wrestling Edit

Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Edit

GAIA Women Athletes Edit

In Wrestling Edit

Double tag team finishing moves Edit

Double tag team signature moves Edit

Rose's finishing moves Edit

  • Crescent Rose (Tiger Feint Kick to the head of an opponent draped over the second rope) followed by:
    • Diving Splash, sometimes while springboarding
    • Diving Headbutt, sometimes while springboarding
    • Frog Splash
    • Rosebud Crash (Corkscrew Senton Bomb)
    • Springboard Leg Drop to the back of the opponent's head
    • Springboard Spike Hurricanrana
    • Strawberry Sunrise (Diving Front Flip Piledriver)
  • Summer Rose / Rose's Thorn (Octopus Hold) – sometimes used as a signature move

Schnee's finishing moves Edit

  • Black Glyphs (Crossface Chickenwing with bodyscissors)
  • Myrtenaster (Superkick, sometimes to a kneeling or seated opponent)
  • White Slayer (Shining Wizard)

Belladonna's finishing moves Edit

  • Gambol Shroud (540° Kick to a kneeling opponent)
  • Black Slayer (Inverted Sharpshooter with Double Chickenwing)
  • Deadly Nightshade (Moonsault Side Slam or a Tilt-a-whirl Double Underhook Crossface (AU))

Xiao Long's finishing moves Edit

  • Burning Lariat (Running Discus or Short-range High-impact lariat) – AU; adopted from Kenta Kobashi
  • Ember Celica (Superman Punch, with theatrics)
  • Spear
  • Yellow Slayer (Fireman's Carry Facebuster)

Managers Edit

Nickname Edit

  • "Little Red/Rose" (Rose)
  • "Snow Angel" (Schnee; coined by Jaune Arc)
  • "Ice Queen" (Schnee)
  • "The Faunus Femme Fatale" (Belladonna)

Entrance theme Edit

  • "This Will Be the Day" by Jeff Williams featuring Casey Lee Williams

Championships and Accomplishments Edit

Cross-Fiction Wrestling Association Edit

Cultural Evolution Wrestling Edit

  • CEW Women's Championship (2 times) – Rose (1), Schnee (1)
  • CEW Women's Tag Team Championship (1 time) – Team Bumblebee (Xiao Long and Belladonna) (1)
  • Money in the Bank (2015) – CEW Women's Championship contract; Rose
  • Women's Rumble (2015) – Schnee

Fiction Wrestling Awards Edit

  • Couple of the Year (2015) – WaterRose (Ruby Rose and Percy Jackson)
  • Female Rookie of the Year (2015) – Rose
  • Female Tag Team Champions of the Year (2015, 2017) – Team Bumblebee (Xiao Long and Belladonna)
  • Stable of the Year (2017)

Trivia Edit

  • Xiao Long and Belladonna holds record as the longest-reigning CEW Women's Tag Team Champions at 637 days (1 year, 8 months, 30 days).