Team WWE is a team formed by John Cena to face Team Lesnar at Summerslam 2015. The group consisted of Cena himself, Cesaro, Goldust, David Otunga, The Great Khali, Neville, and Chris Jericho. The team won Summerslam, and continue to faction as well in the following weeks, until they disbanded after Cesaro, Goldust, Otunga, Khali, Neville, and Jericho are fired on WWE with some help of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. 

On November, after Cena defeated the rest of the Team Lesnar (except for Xavier Woods who was injured following an attack by Cena last week), Goldust and the other six' jobs are back and continue to faction as a seven-man and challenges every seven-man on tag team matches or elimination matches.



Starting from February, Brock Lesnar started insulting John Cena multiple times and distracted him on his matches causing alot of loses for weeks. Paul Heyman demanded a 7-on-7 Elimination Tag Team Match with his client representing the team. Cena accepts the offer and let anyone to join his team. After a victory over Stardust, Cena asked anyone to join his team, and he needs three men. No one came, but Lesnar and Heyman comes, along with Team BAD, told Cena that no one would team up with him. The following weeks, Cena still asks anyone but still no answer. During contract signing the week before Summerslam, Cesaro comes and wanted to help Cena. Goldust, David Otunga, Th Great Khali, Neville, and Chris Jericho also joins and attacked Lesnar's team and get the upper hand, with Cena dropping Heyman in the contract table, as well as Lesnar on the announce table by Khali. At Summerslam, the team won and continue to team up the following weeks. The next week, Cena wanted all the members to fight each member of Team Lesnar in a one-on-one match. Cena himself defeated Lesnar, Goldust defeated his brother Stardust, Cesaro and Neville defeated the Ascension, Khali defeated Big E, Otunga defeated Kofi Kingston, and Jericho defeated Xavier Woods in under a minute.

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