Test Twins

They're such geniuses.

The Test Twins consists of Susan Test and Mary Test, 13-year-old super geniuses from the Canadian/American animated television series Johnny Test. They are the identical twin sisters of the eponymous character Johnny Test, frequently using their brother as a lab rat. They are also known for the crushes they harbor for their neighbor Gil Nexdor.

In Fiction Wrestling, the Test Twins are signed to Character Championship Wrestling (CCW), most known for being members of the Brain Trust stable.

Background Edit

  • Formation: CCW XX 20
  • Companies: CCW
  • Series: Johnny Test (both)
  • Combined weight: 250 lbs
  • Status: Active
  • Allies: The Brain Trust (Jimmy Neutron, Dmitri Petrovich and Dexter)
  • Rivals: 

Wrestling career Edit

CCW Edit

The Brain Trust Edit

Main article: The Brain Trust

Susan and Mary Test made their CCW debut on CCW XX 20, attacking Puffy AmiYumi for their incorrect pronoun usage in a pre-match conversation they had with Xena. The Test Twins would then perform the Brain Trust's signature pose and leave the scene with Jimmy Neutron, Dexter and Dmitri Petrovich, solidifying their allegiance with them.

In wrestling Edit

Double-team finishing moves Edit

  • Dudley's Theorem (Flapjack / Cutter combination)

Double-team signature moves Edit

  • Commutator (Double Inverted Brainbuster)

Susan and Mary's finishers Edit

  • Almagest (Hangman's Neckbreaker spun into an Inverted Cravate Facebuster)

Susan and Mary's signatures Edit

  • Convergence (Leg Sweep DDT)
  • Horseshoe Lemma (Inverted Indian Death Lock)

Nicknames Edit

Entrance Themes Edit

  • "Wreaking Havoc" by Dale Oliver

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