"Alpha November Sierra Whiskey Echo Romeo..."

The Answer is a debuting AWF stable in Fiction Wrestling which are similar to WWE and ACW's The SHIELD. So far they had screwed Sawada Tsunayoshi out of the AWF World Title at 4 Gods of Wrestling during their debut and seemed to be Domon Kasshu's 'Students'. This Stable should not be confused with a Game Mode for Persona 3 FES.


  • Formation - 4 Gods of Wrestling
  • Companies - (Currently) AWF
  • Leader - Ryuuji Takasu
  • Members - Hayate Ayasaki, Yuji Sakai and Saito Hiraga
  • Allies - TBA
  • Rivals - Domon Kasshu
  • Status - Active



In WrestlingEdit

Entrance Themes:Edit

  • "Special Ops" by Jim Johnston


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