The Damaged Rejects is a cult-like Fictional Wrestling stable
Damaged Rejects

Damaged Rejects

in Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment, similar to the Undertaker's former Ministry of Darkness. This devasting cult seeks to destroy and enlighten all within their path, as they attempt to bring the UWE to its knees.


  • Formation - 2012
  • Companies - UWE
  • Leader - Alexander 'Abel' Belison
  • Members- Slender Man (The Enforcer), 'the Hardcore Dragon' Iori
    West Carrollton City-20130706-00107

    Alexander 'Abel' Belison

    Hideki, Big Boss, Azazel, HABIT, ???
  • Allies - N/A
  • Rivals - The Blazing Wolves
  • Status - Active

In Wrestling:Edit

Entrance ThemesEdit

  • "Audit" by Traumatosis
    Big Boss

    Big Boss

Championships and Accomplishments:Edit

Slender Man

Slender HELP ME


  • UWE Galaxy Championship (2 times) - Abel, Slender Man

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