The Elf Twins
Vital statistics
Position Tag Team Champions
Age 27
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 5'8" (Cannol)

5'7" (Cannoli)

Weight 193 lbs (Cannol)

200 lbs (Cannoli)

The Elf Twins (born September 16, 1988) are a Canadian professional wrestling tag team consisting of real-life twin brothers Cannol Elf and Cannoli Elf, currently signed in WWE, under the Smackdown brand.

Since joining the WWE main roster in 2010, they are six-time tag team champions. 

Professional Wrestling CareerEdit

World Wrestlig EntertainmentEdit

Florida Championship Wrestling (2010)Edit

The twins made their debut on November 9, defeating Collin Cassady in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match. They also gained victories over Titus O'Neil and Skip Sheffield and Darren Young and Sheamus O'Shaunnessy. From November to December, they spend their time in FCW.

WWE Tag Team Champions, and feud with the Corre (2011)Edit

The Elf Twins made their main roster debut on March 15, defeating Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. On April 27, they defeated Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel but was attacked by the rest of the Corre after the match. Cannol won a singles match against Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson at the Bragging Rights pay-per-view, and on May 18. Cannoli also gained victories over Slater and Gabriel on May 21 and 25. The twins' winning streak ended at the hands of Barrett and Jackson on June 17. However, got their revenge on Barrett and Jackson on June 20. They also captured the WWE Tag Team Titles after defeating Slater and Gabriel on June 27. The twins continued their feud with the Corre, trading several wins and loses, until they disbanded on July 25.

Smackdown (2011-2012)Edit

The twins moved to the Smackdown brand, and made their debut on November 10, defeating Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel. They defeated Air Boom and Ziggler and Swagger in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match on November 18. These three teams started feuding with each other from November to December. On December 20, however, the twins lost the titles to Air Boom. They failed to regain it the next day, and so as Ziggler and Swagger on December 25. They were defeated at the hands of the Big Show in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match at the Fatal 4-Way pay-per-view. The next day, it was revealed that Cannoli suffered a broken arm during their match with Big Show, so the twins took a hiatus for two weeks. The twins returned and made their last appearance im Smackdown on January 18, 2012, defeating The Usos after they moved back to Raw again.

2nd and 3rd Reign (2012-2013)Edit

On January 20, Cannol suffered a knee injury during his match against Titus O'Neil. They once again took a hiatus for five months. The twins returned on May 16, where they defeated the Prime Time Players. The following week, they defeated the Prime Time Players again. From June to July, they defeated the Prime Time Players six times and loses twice. On the first day of August, Prime Time Players defeated them, and gain victories on the Twins starting from August to September. Winning five times to them without any lose, at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, the Twins defeated O'Neil and Young, only to get beaten up post-match. They would spend the remainder of the month feuding with the two. They defeated the Prime Time Players at the Survivor Series pay-per-view to end their feud. Once again, the Twins took a hiatus after that. They return on January 5, 2013, but The Shield assaulted them. This led to a 2-on-3 Handicap Match on January 10, where they were defeated despite distractions and help from Justin Gabriel. They captured the titles from Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. They later competed at the Royal Rumble match, but the two were easily elimimated by Big Show. In a Fatal-4 Way Match on February 20, they defended the titles to The Shield, The Usos, and the returning Prime Time Players. The Prime Time Players captured the titles in another Fatal-4 Way Match on February 25, but return it on another Fatal-4 Way Match at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. WWE starting airing vignettes of them trying to have a friendly relationship with Justin Gabriel. On March 15, they team up with Gabriel against the Shield, however lost the match after Cannoli was counted out following a Spear to the outside, courtesy of Reigns.

Several Elimination Matches (2013)Edit

After a lose against the Usos on March 18, they return in a 5-on-5  Elimination Tag Team Match on March 25 and teamed up with Justin Gabriel, Daniel Bryan, and Cody Rhodes to complete Team Gabriel against Team Authority, which consists of the Shield, Randy Orton, and Corporate Kane with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon outside the ring, in a winning effort after Gabriel pinned Orton (the sole survivor of Team Authority) and become the sole survivor for his team. On April 1, they joined their former rivals the Shield to be a part of Team Ambrose against Team Orton (Orton, Kane, and 3MB) and wins after Reigns pinned Orton, the sole survivor of Team Orton; Reigns and Cannol are the sole survivors. They formed the Team Elf (Cannol and Cannoli, Gabriel, Kofi Kingston, and Big Show) to defeat Team Orton (now consisting of Orton, Kane, Batista, and The New Age Outlaws) once again, after Gabriel pinned Batista on April 27; Gabriel, Cannol, and Big Show are the sole survivors.

Alliance with Justin Gabriel and 4th Reign (2013-2015)Edit

The twins would stop to wrestle on Elimination Matches. On November 20, they help Gabriel to defeat 3MB in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match. This led to a Six-Man Tag Team Match in a winning effort at the Survivor Series PPV. They started teaming up with Gabriel and make him as their manager, as well as joining his feud with the 3MB. They defeated 3MB in a Six-Man Tag Team Match six times on November 25, 26, 27, December 3, 5, and 18. They also defeated 3MB in a 6 Man Elimination Match with Gabriel and Cannol survived at Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC). At Tribue to the Troops, they defeated Randy Orton, Kane, and Batista. The elves defeated Kofi Kingston and Big E to take their spot in a Tag Team Turmoil Match on December 25, against 3MB, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara, Los Matadores, The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper and Erick Rowan), Cody Rhodes and Goldust, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, and the Shield (Reigns and Rollins). They managed to eliminate 3MB and Los Matadores until The Wyatt Family eliminated them. On January 5, 2014, the Twins teamed up with Diego to defeat 3MB while Gabriel, Fernando, and El Torito are outside the ring. Gabriel teams up with Fernando to defeat Mahal and Slater on January 6. After Cannoli was injured in Hawaii Live Event on February 20 and Gabriel at the Fatal 4-Way PPV, Cannol fights alone to defeat 3MB in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match. He also gained victories over 3MB in another 3-on-1 Handicap Match, and Los Matadores in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match, but loses to the Wyatt Family in a handicap match. Gabriel return on June 28, helping Cannol defeat Slater and McIntyre in a Four-Man Tag Team Match and the rest of the 3MB on a 3-on-2 Handicap Match. Cannol took a hiatus once again while his twin brother and Gabriel are recovering. Cannoli returned on July 20, and is the final time they defeat 3MB after Mahal and McIntyre was released on July 26. Gabriel help the twins win the Tag Team titles to the Usos on July 27. Gabriel quietly distanced himself from the Elves, as the two would spend several months feuding with other teams for the titles without Gabriel. Gabriel returns teaming with the two as the three defeated the Wyatt Family on November 20. Following that, the twins helped Gabriel win the Intercontinental title from Randy Orton the next day. On November 28, Gabriel and the Elves defeated The Wyatt Family. On the first day of December, they defeated The New Day. This would be the last time the twins would team up with Gabriel, as well as Gabriel achieving a victory on his WWE career. On December 5, during Gabriel's title match against Bad News Barrett, the two tried to help Gabriel, but it totally backfired when they only distracted the referee, allowing Barrett to poke Gabriel's eyes and hit the Bull Hammer to him for the twin. After the match, the twins tried to comfort Gabriel, only for Gabriel to brutally assault the two, thus turning heel since 2011. After he sends Cannol crashing into a table outside the ring, he would attack Cannoli's right knee by hitting it with a steel chair several times, and finishing him with a 450 splash. The two was (kayfabe) injured, and returned on January 3. During their no DQ title match against champions The Miz and Damien Mizdow, Gabriel came out and punished the two with a steel chair, allowing them to lose and their titles. Gabriel would then assaulted the two again post-match.

5th and 6th reign (2015-2016)Edit

The next day, they tried to regain the titels, but lost after a distraction from Gabriel. The Elves finally get payback against Gabriel, when they send him through the announce table on January 7. On January 15, the Elves defeated Gabriel in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match to end their feud; this would be Gabriel's last match in WWE as he requested his release the next week. At the Royal Rumble, the two competed at entrant #21 (Cannol) and #22 (Cannoli). During the event the two would manage to eliminate Luke Harper, but was eliminated by Bray Wyatt and The Miz, surviving only 10 minutes. After ending their two year-long storyline with Gabriel, the Elves would set their sights on the WWE Tag Team titles once again. The next week, the Elves unsuccessfully challenged Miz and Mizdow for the Tag Team titles. On January 30, the Elves defeated Miz and Mizdow, the Usos, and Gold and Stardust for the tag team titles, thus becoming a five-time WWE Tag Team champions. On February 4, the Elves retained it in a Triple Threat tag team match also involving Miz and Mizfow and the Usos. The next day, the Elves sat in on commentary during the No.1 contendership match for the tag titles involving Miz and Mizdow and the Usos; Miz and Mizdow won the match. On February 10, the Elves defeated Gold and Stardust in a non-title match, and defeated them the next day in a title match.

More Coming SoonEdit

Personal livesEdit

Jonathan "Jon" Hart (Cannol) and Jason "Jace" Hart (Cannoli) were born in Toronto, California on September 16, 1998 (Jon/Cannol is the older twin) and are of Canadian descent. Their stage names "Cannol and Cannoli" came from the Italian pastries itself, their favortie foods. The twins suggested their elf gimmicks as both of them love Christmas and Santa Claus. They are the sons of wrestling-icon Bret Hat, and are part of the Hart wrestling family. 

The twins are currently singles by this time.

Both Cannol and Cannoli are close friends with former WWE star Paul Lloyd Jr., better known by his former ring name Justin Gabriel, since 2012. Due to this, their close real life friendship was put into storyline for 2 years. On December 2014, their real life misunderstandings with Lloyd was put into storyline, and make Lloyd (Gabriel) betray the two. However, that same month, the twins' closeness with Lloyd was put back, despite Lloyd is no longer signed with WWE. 

They are also close friends with other WWE stars .

In wrestlingEdit

  • Double-team finishing moves
    • ​Double Merry Christmas (Simultaneous diving splashes on one or two opponents)
    • Double superkick - 2011-present
  • Double-team signature moves
    • Alley-Elf (Pop-up cutter (Cannol), sometimes with theatrics)
    • Assisted senton (Cannol)
    • Double boston crab
    • Double powerbomb
    • Double suplex
    • Double suicide dives between ths top and second ropes
    • Elf Stampede (Multiple stomps at the chest of an opponent seated in the corner, followed by double irish-whipped cannonballs)
  • Individual finishing moves used by both
    • Merry Christmas (Diving splash)
    • Boston crab
    • Superkick
  • Individual signature moves used by both
    • Dropkick
    • Double underhook DDT
    • Enzuigiri
    • Gator Roll
    • Leapfrog body guillotine
    • Low kick
    • Monkey flip
    • Multiple punches followed by an uppercut, with theatrics
    • Suplex
    • Shoulder neckbreaker
    • Springboard moonsault
    • Stinger splash
    • STO
    • Suicide dive between the top and second ropes
    • Turnbuckle thrust
  • Cannol's finishing moves
    • Christmas Present (Full nelson bomb)
  • Cannoli's finishing moves
    • Present from Santa (Bridging german suplex)
  • Managers
    • Justin Gabriel
    • Becky Lynch
  • Entrance themes
    • '​'"We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Remix)" by Steve Mark (2010 - present)

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