The Gaming Invasion was a Fiction Wrestling storyline in Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment that kickstarted in the late 1990's. It involved stables that represented both Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment (UWE) and the Gaming Wrestling Federation (GWF).

It began when GWF went head to head with UWE in a competition for weekly Nielsen ratings in order to see which company was the better one. In the end, GWF, UWE's longtime rival company, closed it doors and folded at the conclusion of this competition. Many fans cried out that GWF was still their company, but they would no longer be able to expreience it again.

The storyline grew in intensity over the next months following GWF's first strike against UWE. Many interpromotional matches between the two rival companies took place, culminating in a Winner Take All Survivor Series-type tag team match. In the end, Team UWE, led by Spin the Hedgehog, defeated Team GWF, lead by leader Marcus Fenix, disbanding the GWF entity for good.

This storyline is viewed by many fans, wrestling alumni, and hall of famers to be one of Fiction Wrestling's best, some saying that it matches up to that of the Poke-Digi Wars.


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