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"24 karat gold! Poker of aces! Truly the elite of the next generation!" - Black Mage, during Friday Night RiseUp!

The Gold Aces is a fiction wrestling stable, currently competing in Fiction Wrestling Entertainment (FWE). The stable currently operates as FWE's branch of the Rookie Revolution, and is so named after a phrase exclaimed by stable leader Black Mage during his first speech as leader of the stable.

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Debut, Trio Championship Chase (2015 - Present) Edit

The Gold Aces (represented by Black Mage, BLADE-7 and Big Bandit) made their FUSION debut at FUSION 16, in a losing effort against the Rebirth, with Black Mage getting pinned by Nathan Drake.

At FUSION 17, Black Mage faced Bucky Connor in order to determine if he truly had what he believed was necessary to be part of the group, and although Mage ultimately dominated and won the match via Sleepga Lock, the crowd was firmly behind Bucky..

In Wrestling Edit

Quadruple Team Finisher Edit

  • Arson and Murder (Triple Powerbomb (BLADE-7, Black Mage and Big Bandit) / Double Knee Backbreaker (Diablo) Combination)

Triple Team Finisher Edit

  • Triple Powerbomb

Tag Team Finisher Edit

  • Death is Welcome (Wheelbarrow (Big Bandit) / Double Knee Facebreaker (Black Mage) Combination)
  • Burning Tree (Double Lifting DDT (Diablo and EOW:BLADE-7))

Entrance Theme Edit

  • "Locking Up The Sun" by Poets of The Fall (2015 - Present)

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