Dol-phin! Dol-phin! Dol-phin! Ecco (Left) and Genjiro (Right).

The Lucha Dolphins is a professional wrestling tag team currently signed to Russo Pro Wrestling, consisting of Genjiro and Ecco The Dolphin. Their name is a reference to their lucha libre style of wrestling.


  • Formation: July 24, 2014
  • Companies: (Currently) RPW
  • Series: Ecco The Dolphin (Ecco), Amagi Brilliant Park (Genjiro)
  • Leader: Ecco The Dolphin
  • Members: Genjiro, Eiko Adachi (manager)
  • Allies: Flipper, Dolph Ziggler, (Adrian) Neville
  • Rivals: Masters Of The Galaxy
  • Status: Active
  • Twitter: @DolphinDolphin


RPW Edit

In WrestlingEdit

Double Team Finishing Moves Edit

  • Bushido by Genjiro followed by an Echolocation by Ecco
  • Zig Zag by Ecco followed by a Harakiri by Genjiro

Finisher Moves Edit

Ecco Edit

  • Dolphin Song (Imploding 450° splash) – 2014
  • Echolocation (Corkscrew shooting star press)- adopted from (Adrian) Neville
  • Zig Zag (Jumping reverse bulldog), sometimes while springboarding- adopted from Dolph Ziggler

Genjiro Edit

  • Bushido (Standing shiranui)
  • Harakiri (Diving double foot stomp)



Entrance themesEdit

  • "Dolphin Dolphin" by CFO$ ft. Shiina Chujo (parody of Lucha Lucha, replacing the eponymous phrase with Dolphin Dolphin)

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit


  • RPW World Champion (Ecco; 1 time, current)


  • The Lucha Dolphins are inspired by the Lucha Dragons of WWE.

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