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The Scorpios are a Fiction Wrestling tag team consisting of Borderlands 2 characters Assassin Wot and Assassin Oney. The duo currently competes in UWE and SPWA.

Background Edit

  • Formation: February 2014
  • Companies: (Currently) UWE, SPWA
  • Series: Borderlands
  • Combined weight: 467 lbs.
  • Status: Active
  • Allies: N/A
  • Rivals: Korruption (Smoke and Noob Saibot)
  • Twitter: @YouWotMate? (Wot); @Judge_Oney (Oney)

History Edit


Debut, Chase after the SPWA Tag Team Championship (2014 - Present) Edit

Wot and Oney made their official SPWA debut on the February 8th edition of Vainglory, interrupting Golden Grin Incorporated after their win against the BloodRoses. Wot, in particular, taunted the robbers, before he was interrupted by Tube-Generation-X. In the end, Alexander Valant VII made a Tag Team Turmoil match at Hierarchy to crown the company's first-ever Tag Team Champions.

UWE Edit

Draft and Debut (2015 - Present) Edit

During the 2015 Fiction Wrestling Draft, Wot and Oney were selected in Round 1 by UWE, making them the first over-all pick of the Draft; this makes it the second time a tag team is the first over-all pick in the Draft, with the first time being Twisted Villainy last year.

Oney made his official UWE debut on the first week of August in the Deadly Games Tournament, facing Hope The Hedgehog in a brutal Falls Count Anywhere match in the first round, Oney, albeit being dominant through-out the match, lost to the veteran after a Dose of Light to the back of the head. Wot made his official debut, instead, answering Korruption's Open Challenge two weeks later alongside Oney; the duo once again put on a good showing, but ultimately lost to Korruption due to Sareena's interference.

In Wrestling Edit

Wot and Oney have a wrestling style similar to many great tag teams of the past; Wot is the brains, Oney is the brawns. Both, however, have a penchant for Hardcore wrestling, which shows when they both wrestle together in a No Disqualifications environment.

Double Team Finishers Edit

  • K.O.K - Killer of Killers (Falling Powerbomb by Oney dropped into a Double Knee Backbreaker by Wot)
  • Buzzard Crash (Giant Swing by Oney into a Punt Kick by Wot)
  • Morningstar (Running Lariat (Oney)/Chop Block (Wot) Combination)

Entrance Themes Edit

  • "Watch Out, Watch Out" by Dale Oliver (SPWA; February 8th, 2015 - Present)
  • "Hunt You Down" by Saliva (UWE; August, Week 3 - Present)

Championships and Accomplishments Edit

Fiction Wrestling Multiverse's Draft Edit

  • First Draftees (2015)


UWE Edit

Trivia Edit

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