The Second Throne War is an ongoing conflict occuring throughout the Fiction Wrestling Multiverse as a result of the overhtrowing of the Thrid Dynasty of the Ember Kingdom in the immediate rise to power of the Ember Empire. The war is the main focus of the FWM series Embers.

Battle Report:Edit


Ember Empire

  • Army of The Rappahannock
  • West Ember Army (West Ember POWs from the Ember Civil War)
  • Ember Empire Colonist Army
  • Foxtrot's Alliance

The Coalition:

  • United States Colonial Marines
  • United Republic of Nations Forces
  • Army of Tourmekia
  • Army of New Ember


Ember EmpireEdit

  • Emperor Stanly I
  • Averie Whitney
  • Robert Rhodes
  • Foxtrot

The CoaltionEdit

  • Amelia Bennet
  • Vickh Braddock
  • George Shepard


  • War Currently Ongoing

The WarEdit

Prelude to WarEdit

As the Ember Kingdom's focus turned west in the weening hours of the Ember Civil War, Stanly Bennet

Map of the planet Chovoli (Ember)

began to grow a strong support from the Emberlion community in the eastern Ember Kingdom, which soon expanded to much of the Kingdom. Stanly was under the impression that he was to ascend to the throne and become king of the Ember Kingdom after his parents had mention thoughts of stepping down from their positions as Rulers of the Kingdom soon after the Civil War was over. But Roman II and Serafina I feared a possible second revolt between Prelions and Emberlions soon after Stanly would become King. As such, the exiled first born child of Roman and Serafina, Amellia Bennet, was brought back to the planet of her birth in order to make it nearly impossible for Stanly to become king.

This decision angered Stanly, who was disgusted by the fact that his parents were going to trust a whole planet in the hands of someone who knew nothing of Chovoli. It was then that he began to piece together a coup with the help of a few high class officers in the Royal Army and Foxtrot. In the days following the surrender of the West Ember Army, Roman and Serafina planned to announced their retirement from political live at a feast.

Red Thursday (The Overthrow of the Third Dynasty)Edit

In winter of 2016, Amelia Bennet was returned to Chovoli just after the surrender of the West Ember Army. It didn't take long before Stanley's coup was sprung. It's unclear who did what, but the resulting coup left King Roman and Queen Serafina dead, Serafina II wounded and missing, and Amelia Bennet fleeing north of the capital city with what remained of the Royal Gaurd and a few refugees who opposed Stanley Bennet. After it was all over, Stanley took complete control of the kingdom and rebranded it as the Ember Empire, declaring himself the Emperor of the planet and went about planning future operations to drive Amelia Bennet's small resistance out of the empire for good or capture her and ensure she would be unable to form an army to oppose him.

Ember Empire Battle Flag

Fort Essential and Operation Copperstorm Edit

Ember Empire's Invasion Edit

Peninsula Campaign Edit

Remnant Campaign (2nd Ember Empire Invasion) Edit

Gettysburg Campaign (2nd Ember Empire Invasion) Edit

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