The Unicorns is a professional wrestling stable competing in WWE, consisted of Dolph Ziggler, Xavier Creed, and Ryback, with the trio are the current Tag Team Champions, on their fourth reign, after beating the New Day duo (Big E and Kofi Kingston) on Night Of Champions. During their reigns, they compete under the "Freebird Rule". In 2014, they also made a rule called the "Unicorn Rule" which means that all three members can fight in a tag team match that is not a handicap.



Following the New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston)'s attack on Xavier Creed on July 1, 2014, Ryback came to save Creed and beat down Kofi Kingston, with Big E through the announce table. After this, on July 7, the next day. Kingston and E challenges them in a tag team match with Ryback and Creed picking up the victory. The next day, the New Day demanded a rematch and win via disqualification, after Dolph Ziggler came and attack E with a steel chair. This led to a 2-on-3 Handicap Match On July 10, with Ziggler, Creed, and Ryback picking up the victory. The next day, Ziggler and Ryback copy Creed's outfit. A lightweight gray zip hoodie with a design of a unicorn of it with Ziggler, himself, and Ryback riding it. A skinny jeans matched with a white rubber shoes and black headbands with unicorn horns with it that can be light up and called themselves "The Unicorns". On July 18, the Unicorns defeated Brodus Clay and Tensai in another handicap match. After winning the match, they announced that they will be a new rule. The "Unicorn Rule" meaning that the trio can compete in a match that never be considered as a "handicap". They also announced that they followed the Freebird rule. 


On July 20, the Unicorns defeated the Usos in a Tag Team Championships match under the unicorn rule and capturing their first ever titles as a team. The Usos failed to regain the title the next day, as well as failed again the next week. On August 5, Seth Rollins and the J&J Security attacked the group, with Creed get powerbombed through the announce table. On August 8, following a victory over Demon Kane and Daniel Bryan, Rollins, Noble, and Mercury attacked the group again and powerbombed Creed again in the announce table. Following those attacks, the group finally challenges Rollins, Noble, and Mercury on August 15 and is victorious following a disqualification, after Rollins hits Creed a steel chair. Noble and Mercury joined Rollins and hits Creed a steel chair multiples times and powerbombed Creed again in the announce table. Following that, the team's misfortunes began pilling up. Creed was powerbombed by Rollins, Noble, and Mercury five times on both Raw and Main Event. Ziggler never captured the Intercontinental title to Luke Harper, and lose to him twice. Ryback lose to Big Show on both Raw and Smackdown, and also lose multiple times to Rusev, as well as Creed get injured on his birthday celebration on September 16 again after get powerbombed in a table. Ziggler and Ryback ended the defeated-streak of the team after defeating the New Day the next day. Following that victory, their fortunes now began started. Ziggler and Ryback captured the Tag Team titles to the Usos on Raw, and are victorious to retain it on over five rematches. Ryback captured the WWE World Heavyweight title to Big Show on Main Event, and Ziggler captured the Intercontinental title to Harper at TLC. On December 25, Christmas celebration, Creed returns and captured the United States title to Alberto del Rio and is victorious in a rematch the next day. However, following those victories, Ziggler lost the title to Rusev and Creed lost the title to King Barrett on December 31 (marked as 2013's Last Raw) But however, on the New Year celebration, Ziggler captured the United States title to Barrett and Creed captured the Intercontinental title to Rusev. Ziggler, Creed, and Ryback were taken off-television after Creed founded his real parents, with Ziggler and Ryback have a month-long vacation following Creed's month-long vacation causing them to vacate the Tag Team titles, WWE World Heavyweight title, United States title, and the Intercontinental title. They return on February 6, sporting a new outfit, their second outfit selection (that time, the team wear their first outfit selection that is listed below) defeating Slater Gator. On February 13, they changed their outfits again, their third outfit selection, defeating Slater Gator, the Ascension, and the New Day in a Fatal-4 Way Match to recapture the Tag Team Titles. The next day, they tweaked their outfit again and return to ther sky blue-pink outfits, defeating the Usos in a non-title match.

Feud with the Wyatt FamilyEdit

The Unicorns retained their titles against The New Day on February 25, and retained it again on March 2. On March 15 at Fastlane, the Unicorns would retain the titles against The Ascension via disqualification after The Wyatt Family interfered. The Unicorns would lose to Luke Harper and Erick Rowan in a non-title match on March 20, and lost again in a non-title rematch on March 27. The Unicorns finally captured a victory over Harper and Rowan on April 1 in a titles match. A title rematch was set up for April 5, but was scrapped after the Wyatt Family began a feud with The Usos. On April 11, Harper and Rowan lost to the Usos following distraction from the Unicorns, after they attacked Wyatt outside the ring. On April 15, The Unicorns announced a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Tag Team Challenge, in which they choose Harper and Rowan, the Usos, the Ascension, and The Miz and Bo Dallas. The match was won by the Ascension after last eliminating the Usos. On April 19, the Unicorns beat the Acension to retain the titles. However, after the match, the Ascenion attacks them as well as the Wyatt Family comes too and joined the Ascension in attacking the Unicorns. Harper and Rowan won a Triple Threat Tag Team Championship Match on April 26, capturing the titles, ending their 75 days reign. However the next day, they defeated Harper and Rowan to recapture the titles, ending the Family's 1 day reign as well as capturing their third reign. 


The members of the Unicorn are unicorn-based characters. They wear three kinds of outfits and it's the following:

  1. A grey light weight zip hoodie with a little unicorn of it on the left, with Ziggler, Creed, and Ryback riding on it. They wear skinny jeans and white rubber shoes. They also wear black headbands with unicorn horns that can be lighted up.
  2. A sky blue tshirt with the picture the same picture in their zip hoodie. They wear red jacket with white zipper, red jogging pants, and white rubber shoes.
  3. Their third outfit are different to each other. He is the following:
    • Ziggler - A blue short-sleeve hoodie with pink and white flames on the bottom of the shirt, as well a one white stripe on the bottom of both sleeves. He wears a blue brief with pink and white flames at the bottom.
    • Ryback - He wears the outfit he always wear. Insted it's color is now pink and has blue and white flames on the bottom. He also wears blue cape with it's collor standing.
    • Creed - He wears a the same sky blue tshirt but wears a pink scarf, wears pink rubber pants with blue and white flames and the bottom, and wears pink shoes with blue laces and soles.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Triple team finising moves
    • The Unicorn Stampede (​Multiple stomps at the chest of a seated upside down opponent in the corner)
    • Double 
  • Double team finishing moves
    • ​Superkick (Ziggler) followed by a Sunset Flip (Creed) or Unicorn Bomb (Ryback)
    • Zig Zag (Ziggler) followed by a Beautiful Senton (Creed) or Rainbow Splash (Ryback)
    • Sunset flip (Creed) followed by a diving-double foot stomp (Ziggler)
  • Dolph Ziggler's finishing moves
    • Unicorn's Horn / Zig Zag (jumping reverse bulldog)
  • Xavier Creed's finishing moves
    • Beautiful Senton / Creed Dive (sliding senton)
  • Ryback's finishing moves
    • Unicorn Bomb / Shell Shocked (cradle suplex lifted and dropped into a running horizontal muscle buster)

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

  • WWE
    • WWE Tag Team Champions (4 times, current)

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