A match between the Unicorns (Dolph Ziggler, Xavier Creed, and Ryback) against Brodus Clay and Tensai.

The MatchEdit

Creed and Tensai started the match. Tensai stands in front of their corner's right rope. Creed charges but get tossed out by Tensai. He then go outside and grab Creed quickly back to the ring. Tensai then squashed Creed in to the corner and tries to pin him for three count. Tensai tags in Clay and do multiple stomps at him in the middle of the ring. Clay do a German Suplex to Creed, and pins him for three count. Clay then forced Creed to the ropes, but Ryback tapped his back quickly while currently on the rope. Ryback then performed a clothesline to Clay and hit Tensai with a cheap shot. Ryback tags in Creed then tags with Ziggler. They do a Double-German Suplex/Frog Splash combination. Ziggler then hits a Zig Zag to Clay and pins him for the win.

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