The Zigzag was a heroic stable in WWE that competed on both Raw and Smackdown, originally consisting of it's leader Zolph Ziggler, Oliver Neville, Darren Young, Thoruf Marius, Michael Tarver, Zack Ryder, and Damien Sandow. Their initial goal is to put faith on WWE, as well as assaulting heel wrestlers to become (kayfabe) hero wrestlers. Their main focus is Bad News Barrett, assaulting him several times, captured the Intercontinental Title Belt five times, and even assaults Barrett's new partners, the Authority, The League of Nations, and the New Day. They also get two new members, Curtis Axel and David Otunga, after kicking Sandow out of the group.


Formation and attacks on Villainous WrestlersEdit

On January 16, 2013, during Zack Ryder is about to lose to CM Punk, Ziggler comes and comes along with Neville, Young, Marius, Tarver, and Sandow and all of them wore teal armbands on their right arm. They surrounded the ring and forced the referee to leave the ring. They cornered Punk, and from behind Sandow hits him and the 6 man assaults him. After Punk, the team cornered Ryder, but instead of assaulting him, Ziggler gives him a teal arm band and asks him to be a member. Ryder accepts as a "trade" for saving him. They return on January 20, with Ryder, defeating CM Punk in a 7-on-1 Elimination Handicap Match. However, Punk wins after he ended up Ziggler in a table on outside the ring. The team demanded a rematch, but Raw General Manager Brad Maddox changes the Elimination Match into just a simple Handicap Match in which the team accepted. They defeated Punk as a return, and after the match, assaulted him and did what did they do to him last Wednesday. Punk demanded the Team to end their feud, but Ziggler said that he needed to defeat the team in a 7-on-1 Handicap Match on the same night. Punk wins after pinning Sandow, as well as ending their feud and turning face. Another feud was started, but this time with Ezekiel Jackson, defeating him once and assaults him twice. They offen crushes him backstage on locker room, and on parking lot. After those attacks, Jackson finally challenged them a 7-on-1 Handicap Match in which he lose on January 27. On February 5 backstage, Ziggler told the six to defeat Jackson in 1-on-1 if they want to retain in the Zigzag and the one who will lose will be kicked out and "attacked" by the group. However, all the members appear to defeat him with Neville and Young face him in a handicap. After Jackson won the Intercontinental Championship to Bad News Barrett in February 11, the team assaulted him and ended him up in two tables. Marius chellenged Jackson in a TLC (Tables, Ladders, Chairs) Match and wins the match on February 15. On Young's solo match against Barrett, Jackson attacks him during the match ending in a disqualification. Barrett thanks Jackson, but was attacked too. Then the rest of the team appeared and assaulted him with Young droping Jackson on top of a ladder and lands him on three tables. Ziggler captured the title on February 23 on Jackson, but recaptured it back the next day. Ziggler tries to recapture it, but fails twice. Then he ordered the rest of the team to capture the title but all of the members lose except for Marius who defeated Jackson, however after the match, he gives it to Ziggler and announces that he is the new Intercontinental Champion. At the month of March, the team still assaulted Jackson. On April 7, Jackson ended their feud after he quit on WWE stating that he is enough with the company and "Ziggler's weird group". On the Wyatt Family's match against the Shield on July 17, the team returns after a month of absences due to the legal issues of their leader, and comes and attacks the Wyatt Family. The Shield thinks their allied, but the team assaulted them too. On Survivor Series, each member would be victorius in every opponent Ziggler will choose, or else, being exiled and attacked by the group. 

"Every day, every time, every hours my teammates wastes, makes them weak. So i decided to put each member in a series of matches in 1-on-1 and Neville and Darren will be in a tag team. If any member of the Zigzag is not winning, they will be kicked out of the group. And they have a great gift before being kicked out of the group. The Anonymous Raw General Manager said that every of us will compete alone and we will watch those who are busy on their matches. Our Manager also said that we are not allowed to interfere, so it is a big challenge for all of us. I will decide the one my teammates will face, while me will face Dean Ambrose tonight." Ziggler said before calling Dean Ambrose. 

Ziggler defeated Ambrose after a powerful Zig Zag. Neville and Young are victorious over Erick Rowan and Luke harper in a shame after the team assaults Bray Wyatt before the match. Marius easily defeated Adam Rose in only five seconds after a KO Punch. Tarver is succesful defeating Ryback, then Ryder beat Heath Slater. Every after the match, the team assaults the opponent of any of them. Ziggler decides that Sandow will face Daniel Bryan. But however, Bryan defeated Sandow. Then they rushes to the ring and attack Bryan, then after him, attacks the referee. Then they look at their main target who tries to apologise, Sandow. But from behind, Marius hits Sandow in his back. The team then assaults Sandow, and use the six member's finishers with Neville and Young in a double team. Then Marius, knocked him out after a KO Punch.

The Addition of Curtis Axel and David OtungaEdit

On July 20, Bad News Barrett tried to crash the first year anniversary of the Zigzag. But the group over takens him. Barrett challenges Ziggler on the first ever Career or Free Match on July 25. At the same night backstage, Barrett told Savannah that the Bad News Match is just a single match featuring pinfalls, submissions, and disqualifications, except that they are no countouts. Then he told that if he loses the match, he'll get fired. But if he wins, all the members of the Zigzag will be fired, except for himself, Ziggler, who then need to beat the winner and two giant superstars, the Big Show and Corporate Kane. He also told her that if anyone of his teammates interfered, he'll fired too. Along with the other five. On July 25, when Barrett gets the upper hand, Curtis Axel and David Otunga comes and attacked Barrett. Ziggler never loses the match by DQ, as Axel and Otunga were not members of the group. Then Ziggler appears to win the match, and on backstage, the group thanked them and makes them as official members of the group. On Survivor Series 2014, Sheamus, Bad News Barrett (now called King Barrett), Rusev, Alberto Del Rio, and the New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods) challenges them in a huge eight man elimination tag team match. The group appears to accept the challenge. However, Sheamus still could not find an eight member. He chooses Santino Marella and turned heel, but on August 17, in a 16-man tag team match, Marella betrays the rest of the team after Marella cobra striked Sheamus allowing Young to pin Sheamus, turning face to not be a part of Team Nation. After the betreyal of Marella, Sheamus picked Jinder Mahal to be a part of their team. On August 20, Sheamus partnered Del Rio and Mahal to face Marius and Otunga in an tag team match. The day (August 27) before the contract signing that will be on August 28, Ryder, Tarver, Neville, Young, Marius, Otunga, and Axel challenges anybody on Sheamus' team in a 7-on-7 Elimination Tag Team Match and let Ryder to lead the team while preparing to face Sheamus on the same night, then Barrett, Rusev, Del Rio, Big E, Kingston, Woods, and Mahal accepted the challenge and let Barrett to lead the team while he is preparing to face Ziggler on the same night too. Sheamus' group went on to lose at that night. The team also enters Royal Rumble. With Ziggler at entrant #1, Ryder at entrant #6, Marius at entrant #11, Young at entrant #15, Neville at entrant #17, Axel at entrant #20, Otunga at entrant #21, and Tarver at entrant #30. Ziggler eliminated Big Show, Kane, The Miz, and Adam Rose but was the final person eliminated. Being eliminated by Roman Reigns. Ryder eliminated Damien Mizdow, El Torito, and Cesaro and was eliminated by Erick Rowan. Marius eliminated the rest of the Wyatt Family and was forced to eliminate himself to let Ziggler face Reigns as the final two. Young eliminated Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston, and was eliminated by Big Show. Neville eliminated Heath Slater, Titus O'Neil, and Big E, and voluntarily eliminated himself after hitting a somersault outside the ring into Harper. Axel eliminated Seth Rollins and was eliminated after Rollins pulled him out. Otunga eliminated Jack Swagger and both Los Matadores, but was eliminated by Kane. Tarver never eliminated anyone and was knockouted by Big Show while outside the ropes. On August 30, all the heel wrestlers in WWE attacked the Zigzag, however, they were saved by former Zigzag teammate Damien Sandow. 

Readdition of Sandow Edit

On September 2, The Zigzag announced the return of Sandow, in which the celebration will become a "beatfest". They call anybody for a fight, in which The League of Nations, The Wyatt Family, and The Vaudevillains came. They managed to beat the 10-man in under 10 seconds. The next day, the League of Nations, the Wyatt Family, and the Vaudevillains challenged the Zigzag to a 10-on-9 Elimination Tag Team Match at Fastlane, in which they accepted. However, later that day backstage, the Zigzag would beat up Barrett and was "injured" on his neck, effectively removing him from the match, turning it into an 18-Man Elimination Tag Team Match the next day. On September 8, the Zigzag attacked the Vaudevillains, with Gotch suffered a right knee injury, and English suffered a (Kayfabe) left shoulder injury. Later on, WWE immedietly remove the match from the card. Disappointed by this the next day, the remaining members of the League of Nations and the Wyatt Family would announced that they will revenge on the Zigzag, in which turned out to be a beat up on September 15 during Young's and Neville's match against Del Rio and Harper. Over the next weeks, the Zigzag would beat up multiple heel wrestlers (including the League and the Wyatts). Until on September 19, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens help "The Lads and the Wyatts" beat the Zigzag in a brawl. The next day, The Lads and the Wyatts announced that Rollins and Owens are now their new teammates. Now officially a match at Fastlane, The Lads and the Wyatts become the "ROWL" (acronym for Rollins, Owens, Wyatts, and Lads). On September 22, in an edition of Highlight Reel, ROWL and The Zigzag would enggage in a brawl, not before "destroying" Jericho, thus The Zigzag would get the upper hand. At Fastlane, the Zigzag would defeat ROWL. Their next feud came when The Authority, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Seth Rollins, would reunite on September 28. The next day, J&J Security (Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury) would help Rollins beat Ziggler in a singles match, officially aligning themselves with The Authority. On October 1, during his match against Otunga, Kane reverted his Demon persona into his Corporate persona, and with the help of Rollins and J&J Security, he won the match, turning heel in the process. On October 5, Corporate Kane would align himself with The Authority once again, this time by helping J&J Security defeat Young and Neville in a tag team match. The next day, The Authority (Triple H, McMahon, Rollins, Noble, Mercury, and Corporate Kane) was challenged by Big Show and the Zigzag, only to become a double-turn as Big Show betrayed the Zigzag after knocking out Sandow. On October 11, The Authority (with Big Show) addressed the WWE roster, implying that the Zigzag must face all the heels in the WWE roster in an elimination tag team match, in which the group won.

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